The Captain HELP PLEASE :)

  • Good Morning The Captain;

    I am trying to get a hold of my living and financial situation right now; however, it is a struggle....long story!

    Could you please tell me if you see my financial situation drastically changing in the next SIX Months?

    Also, could you tell me if you see a new love coming into my life in the next SIX months as well?

    Thank You In Advance 🙂

  • I do see you meeting someone - a much older man - and ending up living with him and running the household for him. You will both be very happy with this arrangement (it won't be love but more affection on your part), though he will not be 'around' for long to enjoy it sadly. I feel this offer will come to you in about November or December this year.

  • OH WOW!! Do I already know this man The Captain?

    Thank You again.

  • I think you do know him, or OF him, slightly.

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