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  • I am bringing some new things about, professionally, but I'm really concerned about the situation with my children. Things are picking up, but I still don't have that "Zing" that I used to. I feel tired all the time, and very unmotivated. This is not acceptable, as I am self-employed, and my income depends on me working daily. Why am I having such a hard time staying focused? Will I come out of it in time? I have a home, but I'm feeling very unsettled right now, because I'm staying with a friend, and not in my own space. Will things work out so that I can go back home soon?

    Also, What about a soulmate? Is there one in my near future? Am I ready?

  • CrabbyOleBat,

    Hi, I would like to help you by offering you a reading gratis. Please give me your question in permission form so I can do your reading like this:

    I CrabbyOleBat give you permission to do a general reading.

    Once I receive that I'll do a reading for you and post it on this thread 🙂

    General readings usually encompasses the top things going on in your life which can help you get on the best path for the best outcomes. Go ahead and ask for that and I'll ask them specifically about the things you are concerned about, which you have specified above (love & overall life).


  • I CrabbyOleBat give you permission to do a general reading.


  • I'll post when I'm finished with the reading, which will probably be in a day or so.


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  • CrabbyOldBat,

    Here is the 10-card reading I did for you. The guides said you needed the longer reading because they had a lot to tell you. Remember that this reading is based on your current path. I asked for a general reading in love & life.

    5 of Cups : Ace of Pentacles : Ace of Swords Reversed : Queen of Swords Reversed : IX Hermit

    8 of Swords Reversed : XVI Tower Reversed : IV Emperor : XV Devil Reversed : 5 of Swords Reversed

    You see what you want. Your eye is fixed on the goal but because you are dragging behind the things that you aren’t happy with your manifestations aren’t coming to fruition. You have to stop being so concerned with the things that you are unhappy with as they are and start thinking about what they can be. You have to see the positive in things and allow the negative to slip away. Don’t hold on to the negative because that’s what you are doing and it’s dragging you down. See that goal for what it is and she the positive aspects of the goal. Let all your anger or sadness over things that you are unhappy with fall away only then can you move forward through it to the other side. And the other side is a much better place with happiness and contentment, all you have to do is learn how to let things go that don’t serve you.

    You have an opportunity in front of you to get what you want. It is an opportunity to achieve something and gain something from it. It is very good the guides say. They encourage you to go for it and put your all into it. They say it will reap good rewards if you do. But you have to work hard for it, it’s not going to come easy but the success of doing it will be worth it.

    There is something bad around you. I’m not sure whether it’s hit you or not but if it hasn’t there is a big possibility that it will. The guides say just hang on for the ride because it’s going to be bumpy. They say its going to suck, it’s something which isn’t good and you’re not going to like to go through with it but if it hits just keep your head above water and keep treading until you get to the other side. Once it’s over just brush yourself off and keep moving.

    The guides are worried that you’re going to get really uptight about this bad event if it happens. They don’t want you to “lose your spark” they say and they are worried that if this negative event hits that you’re going to become a difficult person because you’ll be feeling anger and sadness. So be warned, if this bad event does happen don’t lose yourself to it. They say that that would be worse than anything. Don’t let things affect you to the point where you change your actions and personality for the worse. In the end the event is only as bad as you make it and you can choose how to handle it – the guides suggest keeping yourself positive.

    The say the best course of action if this event does hit is to shield yourself. Close off all your emotions, think of yourself like tank which can’t be penetrated. If you set a tough mind set then things will affect you less and you’ll fight off the bad feelings of anger or hatred over it. Remember to close yourself off in order to deal with it better. When in doubt and you feel your emotions rising up uncontrollable – completely shut your system down.

    Don’t feel bound and strangled by this situation. Like the guides said above it’s only as bad as you make it in the end but in the meantime don’t allow yourself to lose hope over it. Don’t lose your willingness to move forward and positive outlook. You’re going to have to fight to keep control of yourself and keep your hopes and dream high. They don’t want you to lose confidence from this event. Don’t allow yourself to feel jailed, once you start closing yourself off in that aspect you’ll only help the bad situation get worse.

    The guides say the situation is rocky at best. There is a pretty good chance that it is going to happen and they want you to be prepared for it. They say protect yourself financially, emotionally, physically, the whole 9 yards. You can at least have peace of mind because you took extra security measures to prepare yourself for this.

    The guides say that there is someone involved or someone that helped bring this bad event about. I don’t know if he is a father or father figure but this Emperor card usually denotes a leader or father or manipulator or head of house hold, most likely male and most likely adult or older. He had something to do with it. The guides say that you need to realize that he doesn’t serve you, try not to have too many close ties with him if this bad event does go down. He is someone you can decide on whether you want to keep a relationship with or not but the guides obviously wanted you to know who was behind it for a reason.

    The guides are again talking about being able to shut yourself down. Don’t allow the fear to take over they say. You need to be a blank slate, whatever hits you just let it roll off. You need to set a very tough mind set and believe that you can get to the other side unscathed. Just remember to be strong and close yourself off from being affected as much as possible for the best possible outcome.

    One last word of warning, do not allow this to change you. Don’t start to cut corners, do shifty things, or make bad decisions. Don’t lose your morals or good behaviors over this. The guides don’t want this to affect you to the point where you start making questionable decisions, things that can get you in deep trouble. Don’t allow yourself to break down and do bad things in order to get something you want faster or better at the cost of doing it in the right or safe way. You don’t want you bad actions to come back and affect you in an even worse way later so keep that in mind if you start thinking in this manner.


  • Thank you so much Serah. I'd like an in depth reading at some point.

  • I hope this message helps. If you wish to request another reading my website link is below and I do charge for my services but they are very affordable. Thank you.


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