I don't want to beg, but may someone please give me a reading?

  • I've been going through a tough time and just feel like I'm falling down a hole. To add to this, I feel like I just can't form any real connection with anyone (friendship-wise and relationship-wise). So may anyone make a reading and give me some advice, or let me know what lies in store for me. Thanks to anyone who cares to help me out.

  • I can feel a lot of apathy coming off you BD, like everything at the moment is too hard, so why try? But that won't attract any happiness or success to you. Though there is the chance of being hurt, you must risk feeling again. I am sensing you have drifted away from your dreams and from your real self. Where are your goals, your reasons to live?

  • Wow, you pretty much hit the nail of the head... I've lost almost all interest in life, and so I'm currently going through a type of existential depression. I'm pretty much hanging in there because of the small glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Well, you only have two choices - to give up altogether or to rouse yourself out of your depression (by counting your blessings instead of what you don't have). Perhaps you can experience this period as a sort of 'death' of your old personality and attitudes that obviously were not working for you. This time of 'rebirth' can see you with perhaps a new look (a complete makeover - hair, makeup, clothing etc.), a new positive attitude that the best results are possible if you remain upbeat, and a new way of doing things - if you have not tried hard enough or not done enough self-exploration in order to find out what you really want, then now is the time to do it! If you have been passively waiting for change to come to you, go out after it. Put all the past behind you and start afresh. If you think you may have a chemical imbalance, consult your doctor. Just doing something will fire your juices up. Decide that what you were doing in the past just wasn't working and do something entirely different - a change is as good as a holiday, so they say. Be bold, take a chance!

    As for relationships, would you want to be friends with someone who is apathetic or gloomy? Give yourself a kick up the backside and get out there with a smile on your face. That's all you need - a more approachable and positive attitude. Good vibes attracts good results and bad attracts bad.

  • Trust me, I have done an extensive amount of self exploration. And for so long, I have held onto a positive, optimistic attitude. I also held onto my faith and always remained hopeful for the best. It was after not seeing anything get any getter that my hope started to slowly diminish. I tried to remain upbeat for a LONG TIME, but it seemed like positive manifestation just wasn't working for me.

  • But what is your PASSION? What do you want to achieve?

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