Hurtful Libra Man

  • I am a virgo 9/17 woman and I was in a relationship with a Libra man 9/26 for almost 2 years. I found out he cheated on me through a girl at my work who met his other girlfriend. I was furious of course and wanted some answers from him and he couldn't give me anything. When I asked him why he even said he loved me if he was cheating on me, he said he said it because he felt bad because I always said it. So I left him alone for a few days and then he decided to text me, he acted like nothing was wrong between us. He told me that he didn't want to lose me and that in a lot of ways he did love me... I told him I really needed to think about things. The next day I told him that we could work on us if he could be faithful to me and really try to make us work. He decided to say he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. I couldn't believe it, what did he think a 2 year relationship was? Well I had gone to a bar a few weeks ago and this Capricorn man started talking to me and we've been maintaining a very good friendship. I'm not sure if I should fight for the Libra because I have so much time and love invested into him or if I should let go and maybe let myself find a partner with the capricorn man.. Im so scared either way.

  • How about forgetting both the guys and just concentrating on yourself for now. You dont need to jump into another relationship or whatever with another man so fast. Definitely dont go back to the libra. Stay friends with the Cappy for as long as it takes for you to heal from your past relationship and for you to find yourself again and for you to figure out what it is you want from your life and from a relationship. No need to hurry! when everything is just right and meant to be then there is usually no fear. Just the fact that you are scared should tell you something!


  • I agree completely with what Virgogoddess said!

  • I agree also. I was married to a Libra and the same thing happened to me. Once I found out about it he tried to brush it off like it was nothing. He could twist things around so much and make my head spin! And even if you did get back with him, how could you trust him? Do you really want a relationship with no trust? Take your time girl, find yourself and play the field! Find a man that will respect you and treat you right!

  • Hi, I think you should listen to what the Libra is telling you--he's not ready for a serious relationship--commitment. I would definately talk to other people. It would be ok to be friends with the Cap. I wouldn't jump into a relationship with him. If your going to bars, things can get heated-up that way so be careful.

  • Wow Ive been with your libra mans twin! same exact bday and traits. Its hard because he is my supervisor so I have to deal with him. This guy is a huge flirt. He also is seeing the secretary, and is going through a divorce. He only wants friends with benefits, and hell say anything to string along the women .. Go 4 the cappy!!!! Libra man will only hurt you

  • Let this Libra man go- you already lost a lot of time and feelings on him. The longer you will stay the longer you will get hurt.

    I met a libra too- and he had relationship issues as well. He was flirting with lots of women but he was acting like each of them is the only one. He had me fooled too.. until I saw him doing the same exact thing to other women.. It is like an actor..I tried to change him but it was useless.

    These people never change- sorry.

    I m thinking you should not jump from one relationship to another this quickly. Give yourself some time off- alone. I do not think you are ready to date anyone right now.

  • I was married to a Libran for 8 years and didn't I know it! Supposed to be my most compatible sign, turned out the worst :s Couldn't see the truth if it hit him in the face. Used to 'swear' on his sons life that he was telling the truth, then I found out he'd been lying. Had a perverted mind too. Wanted to be a 'dad' but only when it suited him. Used to go around the house finding phone numbers everywhere on little bits of paper, womens numbers that he'd met when I used to trust him and let him go out with my brother. Saved up to buy him a wedding ring when we got married, took me months to get it him. Then I found out he'd been taking it off when he was out drinking. According to my brother, he was chatting a woman up one night (while he was with my brother... the bozo had NO morals AT all) and he told her that she was welcome back to his, only his sister was staying over with his nephew (sister being me and nephew being his son!!) Go with the Cap, least they're honest!

  • Thank you all for your advice. I have decided to let the libra go, i'll always love him but its better for me to move on.

  • Please! Don't even waste another minute of mourning or loving this man. Easy to say of course but I'm a reformed lover of bad boys and know from experience how easy it is to love or think you can change someone like this. Would it ever occur to you to treat someone the way he treated you? Once you stay away from him, keep busy and meet other people, you will forget this clown and laugh later when you think of all the time you wasted on him. There will be someone much better for you and thank your lucky stars that you found out Libra man's true nature. All the best to you. Hard as it may be to believe now, when you are ready, the right man will come along and it will all be worth it!

  • Libramen are preety notorious for overlapping relationships (they don't consider it cheating). When I met my ex husband he was "getting out" of a relationship and when I left his sorry butt it was because he refused to stop seeing " a friend" even if it meant losing me.

  • I never had good relationship with Libra men either. They were sweet in the beginning but then somehow they made me suspicious and yes it was always right on. What irks me the most is that they would make me give up on them and when I did, they would actually tell their new 'victims' that I was the cheater. I suppose these girls would find out sooner or later who's the real cheater. By the way Capricorn man is way more caring and stabil. My best friend is a Virgo, you will love ho they treat you and yes they got the style! Your decision, hope for the best

  • Thank your lucky stars chick that you've had the instinct and common sense to see what's been in front of you. I'm paying the price for the Libra, still. Everytime that my daughter tells me her dad hasn't bothered with her, that hurts me too. Libran men are supposed to be balanced, the only thing that they're good at balancing, is getting themselves out of situations, that they create through their sheer determination to 'get what they want' in sex and the rest of it. I hope you find the love that you deserve soon xxxxx

  • Thanks So Much

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