Cancer Woman Scorpio Man

  • I've read that this combination is highly compatible, does anybody have any experiences they would like to share as part of this combination?

    Specifically, if anyone has any insight on the compatibility between a Cancer woman born on 7/13/1987 and a Scorpio man born 11/21/1986?

    Thank you.


    The water signs do have a lot in common and can think on the same wavelength so to speak. I feel this is a fairly new partnership and romance between you two. The Scorpio man can be overbearing and bossy. I feel this man you are with is a bit on that side yet he can keep it controlled. You are artistist is what I receive and do you like to decorate? Sew costurmes or something of this nature is showing up here? Keep your soul intact with him and stand your ground also. This feels like it can be long lasting as long as you have a meeting of the minds.


  • Thank you! It's not really a new partnership, we've been together a year and half now but the rest was pretty on though I don't really like to decorate. Thank you.

  • I'm a cancer woman dating a scorpio man. It has been great since day one, we get along like a house on fire, he is in tune with me, he understands me and the reason is because we are both water signs. Look forward to an interesting relationship.... Good Luck.

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