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  • I met a man years ago...I felt a burning glow in my spirit instantly. I had a boyfriend at the time and to make a long story short...we lost touch. I never forgot about him no matter who else I was interested in.

    Yesterday while walking my dog looked as a car went by and whined....very odd, very deliberate...I though that's strange. Not 5 minutes later I got this funny feeling in the very core of me and looked at the same guy I met years ago drove by. I didn't think, didn't wave, he didn't see me??? I know beyond any shadow of a doubt it was him.

    This morning I had a dream were my ex-b/f took me to see this man. He was very happy to see me and I was apprehensive. He held my wrist (I could feel it real) and was talking about the crease of my elbow being the same as his and that had some special meaning. Then he told me he was married. I was thinking how I didn't get it, how could that be? I guess I have to move on? He told me he loved his wife so very much and when he described her he was describing me. And then we were talking to each other and getting to know each other more, the conversation kept switching to the phone, to email and in person. Then suddenly he had to go to work and was late, we said bye and I woke up.

  • Burning Dream

    It feels like to me that you have never stopped thinking of this man. It may or may not have been him that drove by in the car while you were walking your dog. Your fixed on him and would like to get to know him and have even thought of being his wife. You also in your dream say I guess I have to move on?

    This dream is a wish or desire dream.

    If he wanted to know you he should have kept in touch and vice a versa. Did'nt happen.

    You need to move on dear, and find a man that is real not a dream or wish to build a life with.

    Who is John as I hear this name clearly around you. You will be meeting a man in the later part of summer that you will really click with on most levels, he is a jolly good fellow is what I receive and he will make you happy if you allow him to. Dark hair , blue eyes and medium build is how he will look. Get ready for a wonderful relationship.


  • Thanks for your response and taking the time. I have not since found anyone I clicked with like I want. He was telepathic, or maybe it was me. I definitely have interests in other men but every now and then I can't help but think of the guy. I know its common for one to get fixated, tunnel vision as I call it. People get in love with their idea of love.

    The reason I still think about him is that I know he liked me...we got blocked...and lost touch but not for lack of interest just by circumstance. Now I see how I could have said something but due to my anxiety I did not...I did forgive myself and my ex. It just feels unfinished, somehow.

    There's more to it than that too. I also left details out of the dream.

    I do hope you are barking up the right tree with the part about "John" with dark hair, blue eyes, med built....I'll got for that 😄 I'll let you know when anything happens. Any more thoughts on him? There's a guy at the gym who looks very interesting, I haven't had the courage to approach him, he wears headphones. He won't look at me when I look at him.

    Throughout my whole life I have battled with what others were telling me to do and what I felt I should do. 75% of the time I should have listened to myself. I do it to myself, I tell myself what others say in my head and it bothers me (about all kinds of stuff). Ex: I have a disability and this lady told me I didn't need a service dog...I felt horrible when she said that....I never had the confidence to get one until recently. I keep telling myself to forget about him and don't think about him..........then I do...don't know how to quit for good...sometimes I wish I would run into him and he would reject me. 😕 I think I am going crazy.

  • I feel pretty frustrated and even sad. I'm kind of used to loneliness, I don't "need" a guy....but I want one. I'm tired of being alone, its old and boring without variety that I want. When I feel that I have momentum, life is easy but when it seems to halt I feel like I am going in circles.

    I met a guy who I really liked (since the 1st dude I mentioned earlier) but he has a girlfriend (turn off) and doesn't take care of himself like he could (turn off). So of the guys I have talked to, they never kept my interest for long...it never felt right. The guy at the gym I think he's hot but don't know him, can't tell if he want to be approached or not. So there's that....

    ...and there's the first guy with no closure what so ever. He's tried to talk to me since, but by the time I got it together it was too late. He stopped on the busy road next to me last year and I first though now way, then oh crap its is him, got really anxious and then he gave up and drove away. How can I forget that shit?

  • BurningDream

    I know you want love and a good relationship in your life.

    Have you thought about joining a dating website like Christian Singles where you would meet people who may have a higher spiritual level of thinking and if noting else would become friends with you.

    There is someone for everyone, as we were not meant to be alone.

    I just got that you may meet a man in your neighborhood while out shopping, or when you go into a shop. So, look your best when going out and use that perfume you have been saving up, it just may capture that special someones attention. I feel that with your own personal effort you will meet new people and a man soon enough. Are there meet-up groups in your area ? Go on the web and find out, get out there NOW and start sending out your love escense to lhose of interest and I just know that you will be writing back to me and telling me how much you are enjoying life more, and that you have not one but two love interest.

    Give your dog a hug for me, as I feel this dog is such a added joy to your life.


  • Thankyou for your advice Shaubby...I hadn't replied yet because I was busy with some things 🙂 I did join a meetup group, a spiritual one. I find it very comforting to say the least. I have been to 2 meetups thus far and plan on more.

    I just had my hair trimmed and have been using coconut oil to condition it. I have a few essential oils that I have not used in a while, was that what you meant?

    Do you pick up on anything about a guy with long hair and tattoos? Just wondering 🙂

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