Captain! Emergency!

  • My mum's boyfriend D.O.B 22.7.1949 was supposed to come home on 26.3.12 but we have not heard from him in two days. Can you tell us where he is and if something has happened to him. We are very worried about him.

  • I am seeing him sitting and laughing with friends - I think he just got distracted and waylaid by meeting up with some delightful people.

  • Is his life in danger and is he coming back to us? Who are his friends? Are they the bad guys or nice people?

  • He just got a little bored with the domestic routine and decided to live a little. He fully intends to return home when he has finished being popular.

  • My mother met Jose lync suppoused to be travelling from Kabul on the 15 march and the plane was planted with a bomb. He was injured in the left leg and was sent to the hospital in Afghanistan. On the 23 march he travelled on a jet plane from Kabul to New Delhi. He landed in New Delhi on the 24 march. The people from the jet company refused to fly him further to Europe. They demanded more money from him and he was held in the airport a few days without food and water. They forced him to give them money by kicking and hitting him. After they took his money they left him on the airport and the jet plane company flew back to Afghanistan. Why did they treat him like that? Has he went through the imigration checkpoint in New Delhi airport? Or is he still there in New Delhi? Is he a good person?

  • I feel that Jose tends to embellish the truth quite a bit to get sympathy and attention.

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