May I please have a reading from you Captain?

  • Hi Captain 🙂

    I have had a vibe reading from you once before and it was so spot on it cheered me up immensely, thankyou again for that.

    I am a Cancer Woman (8 July 1968) who has been in a relationship with a Libra Man (2 September 1959) that was very rocky Upon reflection I don't think he was ever really as "In/Into" the relationship as I thought he was. He lied to me constantly and I knew whenever he lied to me as my stomache would do flipflops and I would literally feel sick, mostly always proved to be correct later. I waited too long to finish things with him (

  • Ooops,sorry for the interuption, I pushed the wrong button! Anyway, I left it too long before splitting up with him and it has turned quite septic. and I got quite ill (as you do when you ignore what your body is quite telling you!). to make matters complicated we work together in the same department at the local factory, and are still living in the same house. Things are quite peaceful today, he has found a potential house to rent and is happily packing boxes as I write this. I am wondering if I have a hope of salvaging some sort of friendship from the wreckage or is his ilieing too ingrained in him and is his fluence harmful to me? Is my influence harmful for him? I really want the best result for both of us, but have been thinking that maybe the lesson I am meant to take from this relationship is that I need to set boundaries (I always used to have them, but somehow I forgot. about them.....) and stick to my guns. Not being Lied to and having honesty in a relationship is a deal breaker for me now. I would love to have some indication of whether he genuinely cares for me as a real friend or is he a fairweather friend only and it would be best for both of us to cut ties altogether?

    As far as work is concerned I have a delemma here as well. I work hrd and I enjoy it but would like to go further, I work twice as many hours as my ex, approx 60hrs pw compared to his 30hrs pw and he normally gets $200-$500 more per week in his paypacket) . I do my work well, maybe too well, as I now find that I may be stuck in this job as no-one else will do it properly) whereas I was looking at it more like a stepping stone to a better one.. Is there anything more that I could be doing to improve my chances of promotion? Or is the job I really want out of my reach because I am a female in a male dominated workforce and nothing I do be able to change that?

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I hope you can give me some guidance or any advice what so ever would be extremely helpful and appreciated. I do realise that you are extremely busy and spend a lot of time helping people, and I will understand if you dont reply

    Peace, Love, Light and Joy in Abundance for All 🙂

    Kind Regards,


  • I made a mistake, his birthdate was meant to read 24 September 1959, and also do you see another relationship as succeeding for me? Thanks again

  • Sorry I missed this but I usually only check for topics that have no replies and you replied a few times to yourself here. 🙂

    You and the Libran: both of you have leadership qualities on which your relationship had a paradoxical effect. It may have stimulated your heroism, forcing you to try to work out a harmonious arrangement through which these drives can be recognized - by alternating the lead role on successive projects, for example. But unfortunately power struggles tend to be the more unwanted scenario here. A more common problem with this combination is however often the exact reverse: each partner can be reluctant to take over command from the other. In this case, the relationship is likely to drift until it gets an injection of willpower or simply falls away. These issues should have been discussed and an effective plan worked out to forestall such indecision and breakdown. Your romantic relationship together can be quite rewarding - your friend can find you attractive and above all interesting, and you will be flattered by his attention. Should you engage in aesthetic pursuits together, you Matjezreq will contribute your love of the bizarre and out-of-the-way to your shared tastes, widening your more classically oriented partner's horizons. Often the relationship can open up a whole new world of beauty by acknowledging the aesthetic value of objects that both of you previously thought ugly or uninteresting. However, living together will be a strain and marriage should not be contemplated since your partner will demand more social contact and you less of it. Many compromises would have to be worked out for this relationship to succeed. Without proper direction, an end to power struggles, and compromises on both sides, this relationship is destined to fall apart.

    With your job, promotion is possible but you would have to actively pursure it, push for it and I feel you are not really someone who pushes herself forward. But you do have inner strengths that will help you - you don't have to suffer this in silence. You need to show your bosses that you have the guts and strength to warrant a higher position. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want - in work and love.

  • Thankyou Captain for your sharing your talents and wisdom, you are bang on again with everything you said. Unfortunately with regard to the relationship the communication was not up to scatch which made discussion and plan making near impossible. Living together was definitely a strain and we got on far better living apart. He has moved now and we are getting on ok, but it is sometimes hard to remember that we are not partners anymore and to keep a suitable distance so as not to fall back into the 'rut' again. I think maybe he is having the same delemma, although we are both in total agreement that it is over, old habits die hard and we are both making a concerted effort to stay out of each others space. I cant believe how much less stress I am feeling now the "power struggles" are at an end, I feel so much more at peace, even food is tasting better now, lol. . I am going to take your advice and persist in goiing after the job that I really want, as I know I can do it, and do it well, and I think my boss knows this as well, he just has the old timers mentality that it is a mans job. I will show him that I am more than capable and that being a woman in the job today is not the same as it could possibly have been 20-30 years ago. Thankyou again for your inspiration and for putting things back in perspective, I think i lost it for a while there but its back again 🙂 As far as love goes, I will not settle for anything less than what I require ever again (well thats the plan anyway, lol). Seriously tho, I thouroughly appreciate your advice and wisdom. Bless you xx

  • Good for you! 🙂

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