Career path and move? Captain?

  • Hi Captain,

    It has been quite a while since I wrote to you. I have a couple things going on that I would to know if my gut is correct...I have been told I have a strong third eye and I am trying to be open and listen to my surroundings so to speak.

    The first is my gut is telling me that the blood sweat and tears with a bigger door opening on my new book series is extremely close. Like really close.

    Second, my husband has been applying for new jobs and locations. One is in a possible negotiation in WA with another mine. I really feel he is going to get the job and will leave before the rest of our family as I will have to sell the house etc. i think he will be gone to start the job by the end of next month.

    These are my gut feelings...

    Thanks Captain...I cant help but wonder if my listening skills to what I cant see is correct. What do you think?

    Me 5/8/72

    Hubby 6/15/72 WCH

    🙂 molly

  • It's often hard to tell the difference between heart and gut, and hopes and reality. It's also very hard to be objective about yourself and your family.

    What I am getting is that an opportunity about your writing has been passed up (door closing) and that you will have to find someone else to help you who is more interested in literature than making money (door opening). I feel this company lies overseas - have you submitted there?

    I see your husband sitting behind a desk soon, with the feel that he is in a supervisory position. He looks a bit stressed as if this is not what he really wants to do but at least is well-paid. I feel like he wants to be more hands-on in a job, not shuffling paapers but that will have to wait for a more opportune time.

  • Wow.

    First I have been working with a promoter who seems to be more interested in hearing about how Those around him can strike his ego. I spent a lot of money on a whim getting my book out there as self published. He knows people I know but his ego drives me insane. He is full of b.s. so to weed out what is truth....he says he has a merting with randomhouse for me next month and has been in contact with them. I want to believe gim but I dont. Saying that I took it upon myself to send out query letters to literary agents all over again AND have a reaponce with one in New Zealand who is currently reading and reviewing it as to take me on as a client. If they do then it would be up to them to find me a REAL publisher. So I am in waiting....I think I will get a good responce

    As for my husband he has a desk job now and this new ine is a desk job...if he gets it. He would love to do his own thing and work with his hands more but his body just cant take it anymore. We hope that one day he can pursu what he wants to do...after I get my series going. Fingers crossed

    You are right on mark....does this info help?

    Thanks again too

  • I feel that you will both get what you want eventually (some time span involved) - although it may be in a form different to your original desires, so be flexible - but I am certain you will both end up happy and contented.

  • Lol. Thats what my gut is saying. Patience and prayers pay off. Gid bless 🙂 and thanks

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