Why did this cancer man suddenly stop talking to me?

  • I have been hanging out with this cancer guy for about a month. we really hit it off right away. we just naturally clicked. we started off friends but the attraction was always there since we met. whenever we are with eachother he is very sweet and loving to me. he would always tell me he really liked me, he always took me out on dates and out with his friends... i met his family. he always referred to me as his girlfriend. we spent a lot of time together, he always made time for me, even when he had work all day. Recently this past week he has been very distant with me. he doesnt call or text and when i do he ingores my calls or doesnt text back? i asked whats wrong he said he was sorry & that nothing was wrong that he is just very busy but i havent heard from him for 3 days now? and its very strange considering we talked every single day. why this sudden change? he always reassured me that he was serious and wasnt the one to play games. i really thought he was into me and i really grew to like him. im a scorpio girl by the way & i hate being clingy or pushy so im just leaving him alone when in reality i just wanna talk to him. im also scared that he is going to stop talking to me. i am very confused?

  • I'm a Cancer girl, so maybe not the exact answer you're looking for. Anyway, in my experience guys withdraw when they're dealing with a lot of things at once (my current boyfriend is a Scorpio and my ex was a Cancer). So, for now I think you're doing the right thing in giving him his space...here's the thing about us Cancers--at least the girls--we sometimes need space to breathe and be free, but we ALWAYS come back if our feelings for you were deep. And, at least in my experience, we never fully get over things with those we truly cared about. Just give him some space and it'll all work out, I'm sure of it.

    Good luck!

  • In my experience has cancer males withdrawn bc of various things. the most obvious is work. Next is having disclosed too much private personal sceletons too soon, n they now fear they went ahead way too fast, so they slam on breaks n go slow. Another can be they have been burnt b4 n take heed not to remale such mistakes.

    my main hunch is work took up speed n that aint nada to do with starsign but the fact that he is a man, a guy. And guys IDENTIFY themselves with the work they do. So it´s simple.

    when work goes well all goes well, if work is busy work is number one priority, if work is effed up all if effed up.

    SO it doesnt have to be u at all as woman or aquaintance or friend or girlffriend, so please breathe relax n busy urself with what u have on ur plate. Try n set ur own pace to his n see how it goes.

    that too in my experience has shown successful. Keep in mind the tale of the race between the tortoise n hare. Ask urself which am i? who do i have to b get ahead?

    with me i was the hare n got nowhere, fretted selfblamed n got depressed. BUT as soon as i looked from the tortoise angle and change my MO, i had successes. Not huge major ones but many small ones along the way that proved more satisfactorily than the huge rare ones.

    if this doesnt help you much consider studying up on watersigns. Much is explained there as well.

    Again my take on this is his work picked up, n to men r work important, and add the state of jobworld today, if u have a job u work hard to keep it so not to land in the endless depressing line of unemploymency.


  • Thanks 🙂 im gunna continue giving him his space. i dont want to overwhelm him by trying to figure out whats wrong. apparently he said something about us taking things way too fast to one of our friends? hopefully he comes around because i really do miss his company.

  • I'm having a similar experience with a Cancer male. And maybe I am just a bit jaded about men in general lately, but I think the one I'm dating is just flaking because he doesn't know what he wants overall. I'm not taking it personally that he didn't return my text a week or so ago. I turned the tables on him and decided that two can play his game...he is no match for a Leo female when it comes to stubbornness 🙂 Now he is the one being ignored and not getting texts back because I guess he thought he had waited long enough and texted me like nothing happened...The truth is that if I was really into him I wouldn't play the games but since I'm not I figure why not give him a taste of his own medicine? He actually told me on one date that he has manipulated all of the women he's been in major relationships with and that he has been single for three years in order to try to work on himself. This statement increased my respect for him in one way, but in another it was a total red flag because I felt like he was going to subconsciously try to manipulate me. And then I think he did try..

    I hope you don't mind that I jumped in on the conversation with my experience.

    That being said, I would tell you that no matter what sign someone is, you shouldn't wait around for them. You don't need to tell him you are not waiting, just do your thing and if and when he comes around he will see that you are just living your life. Remember that it would be his privilege to be in your life and vice versa. If he wants to be in yours, he will make it a priority to be and he will deal with being overwhelmed or whatever just fine and hopefully be able to talk about it and have you as a support! If he really cares, why is he risking losing you by not responding to you and why isn't he treating you with respect and communicating? And also it sounds like he is the one who initiated things going too fast...sounds like a typical cancer to me. Jumping in and then backing off when they scare themselves with their own intensity...Not saying it is a bad trait necessarily, but it is something that I have noticed in a lot of the cancers I've known in my life.

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