Very unusual dream?

  • Hey all, sorry about starting a new thread--I know somewhere there is/was a dream interpretation thread but I can't find it!

    I had an extremely unusual dream last night, though upon waking I didn't feel any anxiety or anything, just contentment and bemusement.

    Here is the dream:

    My best friend/soulmate (E), a mutual friend of ours (L), and I were hanging out--drinking, socializing, etc. It was early to mid afternoon; the sun was shining. The three of us were having a very good time--I hadn't had anything to drink or smoke, but the other two were fairly intoxicated. E decides he is going to take LSD and laces a bottle of 5-hour energy, and he offers me some. I take a small sip and of course, start hallucinating. I remember the feeling of being high, the hallucination/trip, and even what the temperature of the room was. In waking life, E and I have been on hiatus for a few months, putting our friendship/relationship/whatever on hold until we get our heads screwed on straight. In the dream, our gathering was a part of our first reunion after this hiatus. I remember my feelings toward him were warm, like coming home, and that he, too, had worked through his part. I felt a sense of liberation from his dream self.

    What is unusual about this dream is: a) I don't do any kind of illegal drug, at all--I only drink. E is the opposite, we'll say that. One of our sources of conflict is when I turn down "treats" he offers me (I don't judge people who do, I just choose not to do them). b) I have had a few dreams about E in the past, but they always involved us hugging and cuddling, not anything like this. c) I know L has felt excluded from E as well lately. They aren't as close as E and I are but they are good friends and I know the lack of contact has hurt his feelings a bit.

    Any idea?! It wasn't a bad dream at all; it was rather nice. It felt warm, comfortable, and overall very happy. The three of us were very pleased to be in each others' company. Its theme and characters were just quite unlike most dreams I have. I don't usually do things THAT out of character in my dreams.

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