Need a reading please !!

  • Captain, i would like to know the compatibality of our relationship i.e between an Aquarius girl and a scorpio guy. I was born on 16.02.1992 an he was born on 27.10.1989. Will this relationship survive? What is the future of this relationship? Please help. Reply soon.

  • I feel there will be problems here but I also feel you can work it out if you want to. The relationship can manifest as a bedrock of trust and understanding, a place the two of you can turn to for thoughtful advice, empathy and support. Here you will be called on to be trustworthy mirrors of each other's feelings, reflecting them back to be viewed. With great gentleness, your partner will strive to bring your feelings out into the open and to help dissolve the defenses you have built up over the years. You meanwhile are among the few people with the patience and insight to help him dig deeper into himself. In a friendship, love affair or marriage here, there can be a strong empathic bond between you that proves mutually protective and supportive. Although love and understanding are usually present, passion may be curiously absent however. As rewarding as this relationship can be, your partner may grow bored and long for greater intensity. Should he look elsewhere or actually stray, you may retreat behind your protective wall, resolving never to give your heart so readily again. So try and circumvent this situation by showing more feeling to your partner. Push yourself to achieve the very best you are capable of, in all areas. Don't hold back your passion - it won't hurt you as much as you think and may even improve things. You are each acutely sensitive to what the other is feeling, so don't hold back your emotions. It is what makes your close co-operation and instant communication possible. Lower your walls. Strive for peak experiences.

  • Thank you Captain 🙂

    I will try my level best 🙂

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