I've Always Wondered Why...

  • I've been thinking about the reading I had lately about my grandfather who passed some time ago. He is very concerned about my family's finances.I've always wondered why my parents had such a difficult time financially. I know some will say it is just because of poor choices. But, what was behind those choices? I often get the sense that they do not understand why they are in this situation either. Over the years, there have been some unusual explanations (the family is cursed, etc.). I was told by a psychic that my "internal clock of destiny"has been disrupted. I'm not sure whether I believe that or not. Is there any way to reverse this situation? Unfortunately, it feels like it has trapped everyone, including my brother and me.

  • mh83

    When a recession hits and people find themselves jobless than money become tight and has to be handled in a different way. Your parents try to reach for the stars and end up like many others with a shooting star that is fleeting.

    You are with your parents to learn life lessons. How to handle money is one that you now are being given knowledge of, so that when you reach adulthood you will know how to handle your finances in ways that will create security for you and your family.


  • Thanks Shuabby. Sometimes so many people speak at once that it's hard to know what to believe. Sometimes I forget that our purpose here is to learn- not to always be successful or financially comfortable. And that we are here to learn from our own and others' mistakes.

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