Please help, I would really appreciate some insight!**

  • Me: 18/09/1990 (only child)

    Him: 22/02/1988 (youngest of 5)

    Casually dating and talking to this guy I met in november. I'm pretty sure he's not ready for commitment as I think he is dating around although he has shown a fair amount of interest in me in that he has stuck around & been in contact since november.. My attraction to him is mainly and very intensely physical (he is very in love with him self and his goodlooks which I find intimidating so I'm pretty sure dating him seriously would do me no good)

    However since the last time I saw him 3 weeks ago (which was also the 1st time i slept with him) he has been in regular contact since. Where as before he would be quite hot & cold. I have made a point of not acting too intense and haven't been trying to chase him as even though his messages are relatively emotional there is no sign of a commitment. I would see him again casually. But ofcourse I am worried true feelings may grow from my side, as I can already see I have become a little obsessed with the thought of him. I have a feeling he feels the same in that it may only be a purely sexual attraction from his side too? Are there any true feelings from his side? Are we compatible at all? I would like some clarity on this.

    He confused me last night in that all of a sudden he got a bit offish with regards to a status update i had which was a little emotional "And all of a sudden it all makes sense..." (I had been coming to some realizations in general) He assumed it was about him ofcourse (being mr vain and all) even though I said it wasn't.

    I know this all sounds VERY childish but have I done something wrong? I feel I should probably leave it up to him now...and not contact first? And MOST importantly will he be back in contact?

    I realize my obsession with him has gotten the best of me.. I would dearly appreciate some insight.

    Thankyou in advance


  • Would you like a tarot reading concerning this topic? The message which might come through will more likely be based on your own feelings regarding this topic but it would be good advice to point you in the right direction?


  • Thanks for the offer 🙂

    Are your readings free of charge?

  • SAgirl you did nothing wrong keep him as a friend. MR Vain will never put you first it will be all for his needs. you are young and beautiful and have time so have fun and when you least expect it your mr right will come into your life which is not mr vain

  • Your right shadowmist, I don't want to delete him from my life completely so keeping him as a friend would be ideal.

    He has been back in contact since I posted this but im still unsure of it all. I just need to relax and chill out about the whole thing. x

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