Cancer men... I'm so confused!

  • thanks Noodles im a cappy. u know i think u right. i did get an unknown phone call two days ago. he number is blocked because verizon screwed up. when i went to pick it up the person hung up and i thnk it was him just to see if i blocked him or not. . i did tell yesterday in text that i did not put my profile back up and i will never block him. He and i made a pat to take our profiles down because we wanted this to work. i do and i think he does too. last week was just so crazy. He is divorced since 19 Jul but his marriage was over 2-3 years ago. his xwife is an alcholic and he shared something with me last wed whereby he lets things slide because she was told 2 years ago when she was in the hosp that her liver is not good. he said the rate she is going it wont be too much longer. but what she is putting the whole family through by leaving msgs on his phone, calling the house upsettting the kids. it certainly bothered me because it upset him and we talked about it all the time. Sunday i text and apologized and told him what i did thursday was wrong and ultimatums are not pretty but s aid just remember i was there for you and he knows that. He is off next week and made semi plans because i was off one day this wk and moving it to his week to do something together and this happened. Last friday is when i reminded hm of the plans we made and thats when he said we are done stop.. Do you think he will still call me.

  • be careful, cancer men are fitcle

  • hi there...

    Cancer men may seem fickle.. it's just that they are too afraid of being hurt to show more concern.. Ever vigilant to appearing vulnerable, they will hide their true feelings almost forever. Those little "hi" IM's are his way of saying "just thinking about YOU". If he didn't mean them, trust, he wouldn't send them.

    Its going to take almost infinite patience for this to work out the way you picture it, but it can. I'm a cancerman myself, and just too, too sensative... but I am aware of it, and other people's needs. Cancermen can be a bit self-absorbed, but it's not a slight, or intentional.. just defense mechanism... he's got a lot of love to give, but it's going to take time for him to trust you, or anyone else with his feelings.

    Don't hurt the guy, just let him know where you stand... honesty and openness go a long way...

    Good Luck, and I mean that cause if you're successful, that means there's still hope for me too!!

  • not just Cancer men......

    just because you are a sag and in constant evolution of self doesn't mean you don't know what you want. seriously. be honest with yourself. when you get it down, your ideal guy's bare minimum requirements, like being direct, sure, clear, honest, willing to grow, wanting to learn in this life and not afraid to evolve, but solid (am I close?) stick to it. Don't hesitate for less. Physical is fleeting. U can be drawn to someone for reasons like he is just a familiar soul and it's been a while since you've met one. Try spending time with people in your life that mean something to you and are fun. And see who that draws to you. And be comfortable just NOT connecting with any man at all for as long as it takes to let it go. I think some times we have to admit to ourselves that we may not meet Mr. Soulmate in this lifetime and start building a life that we could be happy with alone or with wonderful a man that might be fabulous and carry us forward. Wouldn't that be better than this NOT WORTHY person playing with your emotions? Clearly, you are highly evolved in how you think about people. You are unique. There are less men out there that will get you, probably, but many like this guy that will play on your open-mindedness. Be patient. You sound incredible. Time to tap into your own life long love affair with yourself first. Then you won't ask, "Why doesn't he get me?", you'll know yourself better and know better what a more likely compatible soul looks like before you start!

  • or he was playing her.

    u sound great and I hear you but I still think if u want her, and it's meant to be, go get her, or at least be clear that u r interested. this "hi" texting stuff can be "keeping and iron in the fire" too. She's a Sag. She needs clear, direct communication. Not dancing around. We all need to be a little more clear and evolve, I think. Or we start into this thing that can keep growing and end up a marriage where each party doesn't even know what each other is saying!

  • hi kiwpe, any advice for me still confused in Nj. i apologized on sunday tuesday i said i did not put my file up and i would never block him because that was a question he asked weeks ago.. yesterday i went on line and saw his profile up again. i guess he is really done. i emailed him told hm i saw him on line. no response. i text him and asked the question didnt u tell me u deleted ur profile? i just really want to explain some thing to him because i think we had miscommunications as my psychic reader had said last nite and things would be better i had high positive energy but not now for some reason. Any take on what i should do. I text him around 2 pm and said its important that he call me because i need to explain something to him when he got the msg. Should i go over to his house and see him face to face. what do you think. or leave it alone since he said we were done last wk.

  • Thanks for the insight July4thBaby. My man is 7/6 and ultra sensitive. I have a hard time being loving to him when he is being mean because he doesn't feel well or is cranky.

    He tells me to leave to test me & this really hurts me. I left him twice because of this & it nearly destroyed him; but, he kepps saying to leave. SIGH

  • hmmmm ~ i can almost feel what your Cancer boy is going through,... i have done the same with the sudden mood shifts & outbursts of hurtful words .. we later think things through~ realizing what was said was just out of- insecurities ... doubting ~~ suspicions~

    i speak for myself as a Cancerian female-- my goodness & my nurturing heart makes up for the sensitive complicated minds of a Cancerstar.....

    wishing you all peace love and understanding with your Star Signs... !!!

    mille 🙂

  • Yes Mille, you more than make up for your transgressions. You also admit that you were wrong because you were scared.

    My guy can say one thing so loving & sweet that makes me swoon and hold me so tightly, I think I'm gonna break. You are definitely worth the trouble and impossible to live without, I've tried! May you be blessed.

  • Cancer guys are confusing and they are sensitive but they wont always admit it. I am a cancer, and i am dating a cancer guy. Cancers are caring, loving, confusing and can be very secretive about how they feel sometimes because they dont want to be hurt.

  • watch out girls i married one thirty years ago and have regreted it every day of that thirty years but hes so possesive and i cant figure him out after all these years and his mouth can be very creul i am a virgo

  • Do i know you.....

    Or do you know me, ???

    odd how you speak words so personal

    Are you speaking for all Cancerian males. & females... ??

  • You are so welcome Quix...

    He keeps telling you to leave, because if you do, this will speed up the healing process because ultimately, he will hurt when you do; and he needs to get there and get over the pain as soon as possible. Sounds like a repeat offender to me. He's been through this before, and knows the outcome.

    If you truly love this man, you will be able to get him to realize how hurtful he can be, and that he is not the only one who will be hurt in the end. You also have a vested interest in this relationship, and deserve to be recognized as having such.

    Cancermen tend to be self-absorbed, and blindly may not even be aware of the hurt he is causing... all he knows is that HE HURTS, and is trying to avoid that at all costs.

    Like I said, Patience, patience, and more so... we need to learn to accept the measure of love given, it will almost never come as expected or desired.

  • Hi all

    I have just been reading whats being said about Cancer Men and felt that we are all talking about the same person. I met one almost 10 months ago. I am a taurean. He hasnt been well and lives in another city than London so I did all I could to keep things going and vist as whenever I would say try and vistit me the answer would always be im sick. I tolerated this becaue i cared and stared to fall for him . this went on for some time where he would call me everyday more than once and our chats would last hours. I wanted a relationship that is going somewhere and when i say that he always says give it a bit of time wait till i get better. this has been going on for most of our so called relationship. I always feel he is giving me mixed signals he tells me sometimes lets be friends then when i go see him and we get close that goes out the window and he says dont lisnten to me I like you alot and has told me he loved me tiwice. now he has reverted to the lets just be friends now as he is planning to go away for a year.. ti all came to head a few weeks ago and I got so upset and fed up with the situation that is going round and round in cirlcles that i lost it with him. he had to take space and contacted me again on monday. i felt i couldnt speak to him as he had said to me now he doesnt feel for me lilke i want but he likes me alot and enjoys my company and feels we have a special bond. he ended up calling me everyday and i still couldnt take his calls so i said to him i need some space. so he said he will give me a week and call again. I still dont feel i can talk to him so think i will tell him i still need space. i have done so much for him, being there, listtening to hm. being kind and generous and caring and loving and I cant keep doing this anymore. with no end in sight. then this week after he said to me he doesnt feel for me the ways iwant he says in an email but you know we are more than good friends !! This man is going to make me go crazy!! i cannot bear this. I still havent spoken to him or replied just need advice what is the best way to make him miss him and realise or just let go like i have started to do as I cant be just his friend. i hope this makes sense and sorry for the long post.

  • MY Mind says that you should move on --

    But My Heart says, that this man is still there for you ~~

    sorry but this is all i have for the moment,,,

    Cancer men Verses Cancerian Females, i believe are two very different energies......

    i would probably be just as Thick Headed- stubborn if i were a Cancerian Male....

    I have my own Sensitive CRAZY moods...but tolerable enuff to stay in a marriage....

    Wheewwwww.. i would be sad & lonely, all alone.... 😞

    i wish you love & light always...

    Call your Cancer Man one more time...

    you will know from the tone of his voice,his Words

    if he is truly sincere....!!!

    best of luck..

    xxx Mille

  • HI

    my mind says move on too as i feel so tired. of the going round and round in circles. I know he cares for me but his indecisiveness is what i hate and I find him self absorbed at times and

    from reading here i find its a normal cancerian male trait. the worry if i speak to him is that i will get sucked in it all again and nothing will ever change. I distance myself in the hope he will feel the difference from not talking to me everyday like he did as he always said i was his confidante the only person he can trust and talk too. I want his heart to feel my absence as i feel i have been to available for him because of my giving and caring nature. I have never taken time out from him so I can only waiti and see what he will do if anything. I always read Taurean women and Cancerian men are the perfect match so what is going on?

  • ooh dear one, i don't believe in a perfect match,

    that would be Heaven on Earth if it were True....

    i do believe, that respect & honesty between two ppl in love, is what brings in Harmony in a relationship..~

    i would not worry oer your Cancerian man, h is a big boy~

    andwhen he's down & out & needs a shoulder~ will you be there ~

    Well i hope NOT.. in order for two ppl to come together there should be equal agreement & same feelings, and understanding. if the relationship is to work out...

    all this time away , and separated really does no one any good but drift further apart...

    until there's nothing more to hold onto too....

    i don't buy the bull CR** that the heart grows fonder "

    yeah the heart of a man will find another heart to grow fonder with... LOLOLOLOLOL

    Dear one, move on, let this one Cancer dude figure it out on his own...

    you are a good woman to have stayedon as long as you have....

    there's no reason why he doesn't feel the same... unless he's totally ignorant & selfish..

    there are wonderful ppl who adore Romance Love & Harmony..... keep seeking that (ONE) who is right for you ....

    he will be there waiting... 🙂

    good luck

    peace to you 🙂


  • Laluna, I am a taurean also and I had the exact same thing happen to me with my Cancer man. My life was turned upside down after my man asked me to be his girlfriend. He started being distant, avoiding and not talking to me. I know that he's going through a lot of stress due to starting med school and once he starts he's really going to disappear. But the fact that it took him a month of avoiding me really frustrated me. I really felt like I wanted to kick the bucket. Yes, he finally said "we should be friends and break up." And I know its all the stress and tension of being in a relationship, and that hurts me cause I really care and love him, but what could I do. I went through many compatibility tests, tarot, etc..and they all said that we were meant to be! A lot of it I could see were true between us. I even consulted a pendulum about us and got very strong answers that he still cared, loved and wanted to be with more than anything. The only answer I felt upset about was trying to speak my feelings about him to him, my heart desperately wanted to talk to him but everyone I've talked to, and the signs said "NO NO NO! He will come to you." But I couldn't take it, and talked to him and this is what I got. Being a taurean, I am still not giving up. I feel that by saying he's breaking up, he still wants me (Thats what he wants). Currently, I am giving the space he needs. When the time is right and he wants to come back, I am here. But if he wants to find someone else, then he can go. The advice I would like to give you is that, if its hurting you this much with all the confusion, then leave. you don't deserve this. If I am a fool for still hanging on, then its my loss. I know I hate wasting time, and i am pretty sure you do too. Do what you feel you have to do.

  • hi cancer a gemini girl and ive tried everything to get my cancer men...

    we've met cuz i was in a 3yr relation with one of his friends, he was always attractive but i was way into his friend that had nothing on him

    it all started a 1yr after i broke up with his friends, when i was in cali he in texas he added me on myspace and we started msg (still not interested) was all cool msg each other 8mths later i moved back to texas, he came on to me fast asking to hang out, i shy but talkative started getting interested on him,just a little. we kept hanging out tll one night at 3a.m i txt him to see where he was, he was drinking and wanted to come over, i said it was i walk out got in his truck and hang, talking, laughing and what not,..he then lean to kiss me,he even was shacking and getting nervous so we kissed for a while,then i quickly moved away scared this might ruin our friendship, but at the end i gave up, he wanted to keep going but im the type of girl that quickly thinking to myself im not a friend with benefits so told him that i was leaving already,..

    days went by and he stop txt and i felt the difference, so i didnt gave up that easy cuz i do want something but not being his friends with benefits, i wanted a relation with him, so i txt him all cool like nothing happend,..

    few days later we ended up seeing each other hanging with the same crowd,..later that night i left my friend at her bf house, where hes house was down the i left her then he txt me knowing i was down the street, telling me to go over, i was acting stupid and said ok be there outside, the same thing happend talk, laugh act stupid,..and ended kissing but this type with more passion.

    few days later i ended up telling him i liked him..he told me he felt the same but the economy and the way things are going with him he felt that he couldnt start anything cuz he was scared that it wasnt going to last and i was gonna want more time with him when he had to be at work 24/7

    i took it as a rejection and started to give him the cold shoulder, at the club not even looking at him or giving him a smile, when dancing with him, he being very passionate trying to hold me tider,i just pulled away and told him to lets go sit down,..its not that i didnt want him, i just got hurt.

    so i left houston and came to dallas, not because of him..well admit a little, i wanted to forget him and cool of, but stupid myspace,..

    (he knows i havent got sexual with no one, so he one's told me that he wanted that between me and him to see if it can be compared to anyone else,meaning if our chemestry is really good) i just took that really bad!

    2wks later i call him to see what he was doing at 12 at night, cuz stupid me still feels something for him..we talk all cool,..talks to me like a friend way different since the very beginnin,..p.s. i miss does days,..anywho it was a weird conversation, 20min later he tells me hes gonna call back took an 1hr but i still answer, he told me he was having a conversation with his brother, then said naw my causin, so i just got piss and told him ill call him some other time.

    we kept txt but i usally start it,..just hei what u doing, he response and asks me wat im doing..very short conversation..i can even count the txt 8 the most.

    i recently started flirting with him, but then reacted and with a weird way just told him (hei you where right)

    he said (abt what)

    i said (about me confuse of liking him, and that it was attractivness, it was your sencire tha got me)

    then he said (u like that ja ja ja ja)

    i said ( yea i admit, ttyl kisses and hugs bye)

    i was hoping for him to say bye back but he didnt responded at all..

    dude i really like him, but im not sure what to do,,.should i play hard to get, should i just be myself , the laughin at stupid jokes with his and my friends and completly ignore him?

    please help..P.S. he also told me to just have fun and expiriment (meaning sex) and just have fun with live....and before i told him it was just attractivness, i had txt him that he might be the lucky one to do it with me, and then he txt back naww you rejected me ones i have doughts on you...meaning the kiss and sex.

  • answer this post July4Baby thanx 🙂

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