Help? Scorpio & Sagittarius

  • I really like him, and I think he likes me too, I think he's just shy?

    can someone give me some input it's really driving me crazy trying to figure him out

    my birthday is 10/27/90

    his is 12/13/90

  • naturally you have to give us a lot more information than that.

  • he has a moon in scorpio, so I think he plays mind games with me. He used to be very sweet, but we live far apart, so I guess reality set in.

    I do know I developed very real feelings for him however, and I would relocate to be with someone I love most definitely.

    I've been thinking about him for months, it's really getting to be ridiculous, idk what to do.

    I feel like he's perfect, he's just emotionally immature. I feel as if he's scared of being vulnerable because of his moon in scorpio. He has completely stopped talking to me, and it hurts SO bad.

    I sound cazy, but that's what love does to me, I guess... 😕

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