• Captain,please tell me the future of this relationship..Will it survive..

    I am born on 16.02.1992 and my partner is born on 27.10.1989...

    I would just like to know the future of this relation astrologically...please reply soon...

  • I'm not captain, but I'll take a stab at it for you.

    I'm seeing that a lot of work has to be done by both parties for that relationship to continue and work. There has to be a lot more communication between both parties. Men think logically when addressing relationship issues, and women think emotionally. You have to see things from his logical perspective to see where he's coming from.

    Try not to let emotions get in the way of fixing the issues between the two of you. It's important for a man and woman to have a loving, healthy relationship where you can communicate and express your feelings, both physically and emotionally.

    Love and Light,

  • Sorry I missed this - I usually only check the 'Topics with no replies' for questions for me.

    Your astrological profile shows that this is not a good combination for love. It is better for freindship or working together as it can be a bedrock of trust and understanding, a place to which the two of you can turn for thoughtful advice, empathy and support. Here you two are called on to be trustworthy mirrors of each other's feelings, reflecting them back to be viewed. You GG are among the few individuals who have the patience and insight to help this guy dig deeper into himself. He meanwhile can help you, with great gentleness, to bring your feelings out into the open and help dissolve the defenses you have built up. There is a strong empathic bond between you that can provide mutual protection and support. Yet although love and understanding are usually present, passion may be curiously absent. And your friend thrives on passion. As rewarding as this relationship can be, he may grow bored and long for greater intensity. If he should look elsewhere, or actually stray, you could retreat behind your protective wall, resolving never to give your heart away so readily again. And that would be a shame and would negate all that you have learnt here.

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