The Real Fountain of Youth

  • a message from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch

    Beloved, we will say it again and again until it “locks in”: there is nothing outside of you. So when you are in pain or grief of any kind: look within. The external forces are there to draw you in one direction only. They are there to help guide you through your own quagmire, so gratitude is appropriate. (Plus is beats self-flagellation!) You know this, yet you keep fighting and blaming and pushing against what is, hoping that it will change and then all will be well. This is the wrong direction. Stop. Breathe. Look within.

    And so what do you learn going within? First of all, you stop hurting yourself and others. Then you find the peace that travels on your breath and allow it to reach the minute particles of your make-up and from there you begin to turn things around. As the base building blocks are nourished correctly, they respond with receptivity, opening like a flower. This is the action of the lotus blossom in the sunlight. Ahhhhhhhhh. Then the restriction dissipates and grace presides. In the presence of grace, and alignment takes place, reminding you of your true nature. It is here that divine wisdom is present. It is here that your own receptors of clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience broadcast. (It is most unlikely that you would receive these transmissions while beating your head against the wall!) Those broadcasts are your I Am Presence projecting the frequencies of the higher realms - from your soul and it’s inspirators – what you most need to know at this time. It is your Divine GPS. Then of course, you must remain still long enough to receive the transmissions and dialogue with them for clarification as required. This requires patience, diligence and for some reason – courage.

    Courage is required especially for the translation of wisdom into action…but of course, it is the same receptivity that allows this action over returning to resistance. Breathe. "Divine Grace, what is required of me at this time and may I also be embued with the courage to act as required?" It is very much the power of the Serenity Prayer – knowing what can be changed or not is easier than the courage it requires to act on what can. Courage of the lioness, Dear One. Courage of the lioness.

    And so you know to stop, breathe, go within, allow, release, deepen, ask, courage and act. So do it. It is the only way to change the pattern of racing around outside yourself looking for change and answers and clarity when it is not there. It is in here.

    And so what else is different you ask? Do whatever you can to keep your vibration up…this is your only work now…be peace, grace, love, light, bliss, joy, abundance, kindness, expansion…anything else is a cop out and is not welcome in your energy field. Judgement and resistance are stingers that are no longer perpetuated. Accept, surrender and allow. Just when you think you are tough enough to resist the waterfall or the iceberg crashing into the sea or the tornado, you will get whipped around and hurt - and this is not necessary! Accept, surrender and allow, and do whatever you can to stay in the flow…the minute you think you are in control…look out. The Big You Is in control, but you are in resistance to it with your little you. And what a feisty little mouse is challenging the elephant! Just climb up the trunk and go for the ride of your life.

    If you are looking for love and acceptance and appreciation and peace and understanding and companionship and and and…look within. If you are aching for this outside yourself you are only chasing rainbows. Seek what you most desire within yourself and then you will never have to look for it again. Your pain is yours and you have the power to heal it. Fill your empty cup with the true healing waters…within. When you have found this fountain of youth, you become a self-contained, perpetually emanating and rejuvenating beacon of light. Think of the energy field around a magnet or the planet that has a central channel and the energy swirls up and down simultaneously pulsing into and from itself forming a doughnut shape. It is a self-perpetuating forcefield…independent and yet connected to All That Is. Made in His image. Then you have the power – the extra energy a result of perpetual rejuvenation – to share with others who have not found their own source yet. Until then, you are a depleting energy source, not a rejuvenating one. Get it? It is no fun having to experience the constant depletion of your energy, like a charged

    battery, only to have to recharge and expect the depletion again. Exhausting to you and to all those around you. So decide that you are self-rejuvenating, self-charging, self-emanating and nothing outside of yourself can affect your Source! You require nothing from another. Remembering that until you get this, others are only reminders to unconditionally accept that lost part of yourself. If you feel they are judging you or rejecting you or ignoring you…then cease judging, rejecting and ignoring yourself…then they/it will stop. Of course, when it stops, it won’t matter anymore because you will already be onto the next adventure in loving more! It is a perpetual set up to expand Love.

    Get it?

    With abiding presence within you, we are,

    The Council of Light

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