Psychics, Readers Anyone?

  • I made a huge mistake on my FASFA Verification for school-right before I recieved all of my supplies. I was wondering if my family will get audited and will there be a terrible effect on my family?

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  • Why can't you correct it

  • Oh long time no see Daliolite! I asked her if I could and she said it wouldnt be that simple. So from the email we need a professional judgement, our tax preparer to review everything or amend our taxes (which my mother is really not in the position to do). For now that cant my accept my FASFA yet.

    I'm just worried about the future and my mother is making my anxiety worse right now. Im scared but Im just going to keep praying and hope for the best.

    Daliolite do you feel anything bad (jail time, auditing, cant go to school, anything?) coming from this mistake (I accidently put my father as in the household (when my mom listed as single-because she was, technically) and I only put him down because I was used to him being here even though he doesnt help my mother, myself or my siblings at all. It hurts because its the onlything holding me back because it is my fault)

    So what do you make of all this-will there be any horrible consequences and how can I deal with this?

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