Advice needed please...

  • Hiya everyone, i am new here but am truly in need of guidance.

    There are a couple of questions i have...

    1. What really happened back in July 2010 for those 30 minutes?

    2. What do i need to do to make progress in my spirituality?

    3. Is there a name my guardian angel would like for me to know him by? And any message from him?

    4. What can i expect for the remainder of 2012?

    Sorry so many questions, but i have tried to answer these for myself for quite some time. I would really appreciate any advice the tarot could give me as i am in need of guidance. Thank you in advance and if i may return the favour to you by giving you a tarot reading let me know please.

    Female 04-04-67


    almost 45yrs in 4 days.

    Hugs, diana

  • Is there ne one available to perhaps answer 1 of these questions? I am willing to do a tarot reading swap if you would like in exchange for insight.

    Im just a bit unsure and could use some extra guidance and advice...

  • Hello Diana,

    I would gladly exchange a reading with you.

    My question will be at the end.

    1. What really happened back in July 2010 for those 30 minutes?

    Economy + Rebel + Fortuna

    It felt like it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was offered. Things prior to the event were not going so well. Everything was routine and droll and for once, there was a person that came around to help out. It was exciting and other worldly, but completely unexpected.

    2. What do i need to do to make progress in my spirituality?

    The Fall + Compromise + Manipulation

    Change your situation. You no longer need to feel as if you can not make up for your past mistakes. You need to feel as you have a purpose, because in fact, you do. You simply have to fight off always thinking that there are obstacles blocking you from finding your spirituality. In reality it may be your own attitudes or beliefs doing this.

    I asked the Angel cards, and they say that you need to see the trees for the forest. That is, that you have so much more than you think. You are never really alone, but because you have guilt, that you blame yourself too much that you can't move on and may make things harder for yourself.

    The Music card fell too and it says that you need to get more involved with music or to hear more music. This can help you find yourself more spiritually. Perhaps finding a choir or joining a small singing group.

    3. Is there a name my guardian angel would like for me to know him by? And any message from him?

    I can't give you a name or what they would like you to call them by, but simply that you should know they are there. They have always been there and will always there for you.

    Retreat + Support + Dreams

    You have had contact with your Guardian Angels through your dreams and when you are able to be by yourself. Perhaps you have avoided talking to yourself or believing that someone is there listening, but you should know that it's not crazy and it's when they most like to hear from you. They are here to support you -- whether you pray to them inside your head or when you do speak to them in your own voice. Before you go to sleep, try to ask them questions and see if they will answer. (They usually do this in symbols instead of really appearing)

    4. What can i expect for the remainder of 2012?

    Competitiveness + Bridge + Responsibility

    Work and even personal life may be challenging. You'll be trying to communicate, but many obstacles will come up. You will have to go back to yourself and figure if you are doing something wrong. Perhaps you are not saying things that others respond to. You will find that it may be because you are probably fixed on an opinion of someone and until you let this go and allow for a calmer atmosphere to take place than most of your problems will slowly fall away. You need to find common ground and some balance and space. It's not only for your good but for those you work with and live with.

    In the end, by years end you will probably be making more friends and socializing even more.

    My question is: What does J signify in my life? Is there a future for us?

  • Hiya, my apologies. I have been in the process of moving. It wasn't until now that i am able to say thank you for your reading. I really do appreciate you doing this for me.

    It does make a lot of sense.

    I will sit for a few and focus on you and your question. I am using the tarot favole deck. Be back in a few with your reading.

    Thank you again.

  • Hiya elal,

    here is your reading...i got the following cards and have intuitively interpreted what i feel they are saying to me to tell you...

    What does J signify in my life?

    5 crosses

    6 flowers


    the message i get here is first, J is a 'crutch' you can lean on when you need to during difficult times in life.

    You have happy memories of J and are showing that with the love you hold in your in your heart and home.

    (I get a feeling of a bouquet of flowers being given and received) the reason is because of this...

    Is there a future for us?


    6 flowers

    ace flowers

    i got the 6 flowers twice.

    There is such an abundance of love here...being shown with these 2 spreads...i feel a bit sad also, not absolutely sure why though.

    As you dream, as well as your waking moments when you may think of J -Never expect the unexpected- you both are together. And you are dearly loved, truly.

    I hope this helps in some way and makes sense to you.


  • Thank you so much for the reading!

    I really feel like crying, both of joy and sadness

    I think you're right about him being a crutch because my mind and my memories go back to him whenever I'm going through tough times--especially when it comes to my love life. We don't talk anymore, but I love him, I do. I think he's been the first man I've ever loved so dearly and for so long.

    But we've never been together. I've tried telling myself that I can't be with him-- that it's impossible. Even if we could, it would be long distance, and I don't feel it right as I'm extremely jealous and he's very much sought after that I think I would go crazy wondering what woman tried what to try and get him today! He's told me some odd stories...

    Hah... To be honest, I kind of wanted to hear from your cards that there was nothing but an illusion. And now, I feel torn. I want to dance around saying, "He loves me! He loves me!"

    But I still feel like a future for us can not be.

    I'm sorry if I'm pessimistic.

    Didn't mean to bring you down, but perhaps that was the sadness that you felt?

    Anyways, thanks so much for the reading! It's made me think a little more of how I'm using him.

    If you ever need a reading, I'll be more than happy to give you one.

    Hugs and Love,


  • Thank you...look forward to speaking again. Take care. And if you ever want a reading again, just let me know i'd be happy to do one for you. Hugs.

  • Same here.

    I hope you enjoy your new home!

    The cards were positive when I asked about your move and they say that you will make happy memories and new friends. They also say that it's time to take care of your body, so if you've been feeling tired, it's ok to rest and recoup. Just be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you.

    Take care!

  • Thank you, we were wondering if the move was a good idea. i have also been thinking i need to take care of myself better and so i will...hugs.

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