• Hello Surmya,

    How have you been?

    I have not seen you around and I have been wondering how you have been?

    How is your shoulder?

    When I think of you, the story of Atlas comes to mind as I feel like you're holding the whole world, the troubles, all on your shoulders.

    I hope you are doing well, and that things have been settling to your favor with your family.

    The Angel Cards gave me these cards for you:

    Study + Music + Meditation

    They say that you have been reading and studying so much. Writing even more and have been keeping busy. So busy, but at the same time entertained. Even so, it seems like you are a bit disconnected and may be feeling some stress. The Angels ask that you talk to them and that you try and listen. They want you to spend some time by yourself and for yourself.

    Hugs and love to you, Suramya!

  • EIAI!!!

    Hi there.just saw your lovely message when I logged in to the site thinking of you...guess we have a connection:)

    All true what you have written there .You are so accurate you can read for yourself anytime;)

    Am just pulling out a card from my Goddess deck for you.Oh I also got 2 new decks of Doreen Virtue's oracle cards:the Archangel Michael and the Raphael ones.Do ask for a reading from these decks or tarot if you like.

    God Bless!

  • I got a feeling that Archangel Michael has a message for you. The first message was to learn to view a difficult situation with a sense of humour and detachment: as if it were happening on tv /on a show.The second message was to ask Archangel Michael to help you with this situation or difficult person.maybe there is an alternative strategy you haven't tried yet.

    the Goddess message was to delegate tasks and /or practice working with others in a team. You are carrying the burden of trying to do too much by yourself.Ask for and accept help. The second message reminds you of your healing abilities. You can heal yourself as well as others by connecting to the divine source of all power and healing.

    Much Love and Light

    n hugs

  • Hello Suramya!

    I was really wondering how you were doing since the last time we talked. I know how it is having to take care of your entire family when you yourself are sick or a bit unable to move much. I am glad that you seem better.

    I asked the cards again about you and the Goddess Gaia came up. She says to persevere. Although people may not like how you are handling things or what you are doing, that you should continue on. It's just a matter of balance. I guess doing your own thing, but at the same time taking the time to see what they are talking about. In the end you may learn something and it could work to your advantage.

    The Angel cards also are saying that you are being guided. In your dreams and through signs that they are telling you something. They hope that you are spending time outside instead of being locked in your room working away. Some fresh air would be nice!

    And thank you so much for the reading. I feel like I’ve been making progress in University. The paper the English professor didn’t want to accept was handed back to me. She gave me a C with two minus‘s (laughs), and that gave me so much hope (I was expecting a flat-out F)! I felt like things would get better in this class.

    Now I’m just picking up information from books for my research paper. Also, since I want to hand in my audition application in April, I’ve been setting up what songs I want to sing. I’ve been thinking of putting some of my own compositions. That is, if I get to finish them what with me being busy with not just the research paper, but my other classes.

    I love seeing the name or image of Archangel Michael. I feel like every time I have contact with Angels that they come to me as one or two of my favorite singers. With Archangel Michael there is a certain song that always reminds me of him and I feel like things are not as hopeless as they feel. I always have the song in loop and it helps so much!

    The ladies here, including you, have made me feel very fortunate. I have always been supported by my family, but I have never allowed myself to receive support from others on the “outside.” It feels nice and I am glad I have taken the time to help people. I wasn’t expecting that things would be this wonderful, and almost revitalizing.

    Thank you again Suramya, and I hope to hear from you soon. You are planning a trip too, right? I know making plans to travel takes time and energy, so I send all my positive energy to you!

  • Thanks and hugs sweetheart

    I am visualizing a candy pink energy coming your way...

    Lots of love

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