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  • Hi there long time no hear just saying hello hope you are both well.


  • Hi Paddi - Good to hear from you. I have been busy with the new job and really ill the past 3 days. Haven't been this sick since I was a child. Hope you and yours are doing well...

  • Oh cool is that the job you really wanted? Yup I was sick this year like really sick for the first time since I can remember. Me and mine fine, husband remains an enigma and I am eaten with indecision about moving to Ireland even though I have a school arranged. Otherwise fine, beautiful weather so outside a lot.

    Hugs P

  • Hi Paddi - Yes, I got the job I wanted 🙂 It's been hectic getting started and trying to get back into the swing of things and I have concerns about making my sales revenue goal due to the economic times, but all in all it's good. Another girl started the same day as I - same job - and she is super competitive and I have already caught her taking credit for my work several times. So silly. I don't have time for that kind of garbage 🙂 I haven't said anything and am just trusting that the truth will come out eventually. Right now my speaking up would just make me look petty. The first month has been challenging. I got sick last Friday after having horrible allergies the entire week and I have been trying to get better all this week, but it's been hanging on. So I left early last Friday (had a fever), the boss sent me home early on Monday because I was still really sick, I have been hacking and coughing and sound like a lifetime smoker all week (lol), and today I left at 10:30am because the police called and said my house had been broken into. Spent the whole day filling out reports and trying to remember the entire contents of my house. They really did a number on me....broke a large window with a rock to get in - glass EVERYWHERE and they literally opened up every cupboard door and every drawer and emptied the contents onto the floor - ransacked looking for anything of value. My house looks like a tornado touched down on it. Fortunately some men painting a house across the street saw them coming out with all my stuff and called the police with a description of the car. Then another person saw them at a pawn shop acting suspiciously and called the police as well with the same car description. They caught them and I got all my stuff back, but honestly it all feels tainted now - icky energy! I would have rather submitted a claim to my insurance so I could go get new stuff. Anyway, LONG day today, LONG week, and LONG first month at work!

    Why indecisive about moving back to Ireland? What's holding you back? Give me a feel and I will pull cards if you would like....

    Hugs to you too,


  • HI WG so sorry to hear you got burgled, I have to agree with you about wishing you had gotten the insurance money and new stuff though. I hope you are doing okay. I would love you to pull some cards for me Watergirl, I am just a bit worried about energies on this forum which is why I do not post very much any more and have not done any readings here since back then. It is a pity because I have made friends here and I wish there was a safer platform to keep in touch on and to help people who really need it. I am however getting better at protection. Indecision over Ireland for a number of reasons. Is it good for the kids, will my relationship hold out (husband working abroad), being on the same stretch of turf as my stepmother who has done enough damage to my life already, actually being stuck on an island. Husband is looking at a year contract in` switzerland and it is very tempting to follow him there but I know I have to think for me and the girls and not for "us" because he is always going to be travelling and it is hard to do that.

    I feel I should not open myself too much on this forum any more WG which makes me very sad and I know you understand but if you have the energy to pull cards I would be very grateful.


  • PS I was just doing some major protection work and I had a massive ball of blue healing light in my hands and I threw it to you and it completely encased you so I hope you might feel better today or over the coming days.


  • Oh, THANK YOU Paddi. I had a fitful night of sleep - didn't get my window replaced yesterday so every little noise woke me up, but I do feel better today. I understand your words and if you are ok with it I will send you an email (I remember your address from a while back). I am busy trying to put my house back together today, but may have time tomorrow to do a reading.

  • Hugs :)) happy tidying, on the postive side it is a good way to declutter though I don't envy you the job!

  • Paddi

    before you drown your lovely head in worry waters remember the laws of ENERGY. Where the focus goes often WILL continue to manifest. You are low in power. Indesicion is eating you up---remember that knowledge about yourself---how the fear paralizes you---so afraid of making the wrong move or desicion. Everytime you have ever come to me in the past with a big HELP sign your energy has screamed STAGNATION. STUCK STUCK STUCK. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and mostly you won't---think the big picture. Just keep moving---make the scary descion and feel the energy start flowing again--stop thinking too much. Forget what's going on with him--or his mom--forget the past regrets---let go of fear. Just move forward already--it will all work out--even if you have to go in a few circles to get there--keep moving---know in your most wise wise self awareness that your biggest enemy is always your fear of mistake and a habbit of getting stuck. Paralized in a situation you settle for. Make some bold desicions---you need a house that feeds you---you know from past expierience that when you are passive others make descicions for you. Take control--no regrets. Put your worry energy into planning YOUR escape from this helplessness that has plagued you all your life. Make YOU happy and others cannot touch that. Spirit keeps saying BOLD MOVE. make that bold move. Get all that other distraction out of your head so you can hear spirit whisper directions. If you dwell on all that can go wrong it attracts that . Dream big---visualize what you DO want---stop your brain when it has bad what if thoughts. What do you want? See it--taste it--feel it--let it be a part of you. Believe you DESERVE a home that says YOU! All those outside roadblocks are in your head. I have never met a Taurus who did not have the POWER to build her own castlel AND guard it. NO more indesicion---make a bold move! BLESSINGS!

  • 🙂 Hugs

  • Hey Paddi - just sent you an email hun...

    Hi Blmoon - hope you are doing well. How's that internship going??

  • WG, I feel the air-filtration system where you work is no good. Maybe just a lot of junk in it.


    residency starts in May--thank you for asking. I'm feeling the allergy kick in the head---heard on the news and read in the paper they deemed this year the worst allergy season EVER in history---I'll spare you the scientific mumbo jumbo why--just wish it would rain everyday and all go away--of course THEN we'd have mold a plenty. I've included new health habits that are helping boost immunity---mostly herbs and teas---about to OD on antioxodents but they are working. Found Celestes cherry tea---AWESOME stuff that I drink everynight--really helps! Extra coffee as well for decongestant as the medicinal kind raises my BP. Some days I have to take a Claritin twice a day if I've been outside. Acai berry every morning is helping. I was SO droopy last month but feeling better finely---I hate that allergy heavy feeling. I actually prayed to Saint Michael! I prayed for his help shopping for anything he thought would help and he came through! AMEN!

  • I am a member of a Native American Healing group on Linked in and they recommend drinking 3 cups of hot water a day. It is supposed to work. I have somehow had no problems this year with my hayfever, hope it lasts through the birch season.


  • Plain hot water? Boy that's a cheap fix--will try it. I knew a lady in her 90's who drank hot water with lemon everymorning and she was never sick. I was young and never paid attention but years later I read in a book the same advice. I'll let you know if the hot water thing has a positive effect.

  • Hi All,

    Daliolite - You got that allergies are really bad right now and my own personal air filtration system is out of whack!!!

    Blmoon - Yes, allergies are severe this year. And it has been really windy here which makes it so much worse. As much as I hate the summer heat, I sometimes start to look forward to it as it burns all the allergy "gunk" out of the air!

    Here is Lee Harris' Energy Forecast for April. He talks about our security being threatened and fear of not being safe being an issue -- I had to laugh! After my house being robbed at the end of March, what the heck else do I have to look forward to in April??? Hahaha!

  • Hi Everyone,

    In honor of the Easter holiday tomorrow, I pulled a couple of cards as a message for us. They speak not only of the "rebirth" of Jesus, but of the shift of the season into spring and the fertility and rebirth that accompanies it...

    First, from the Wisdom of Avalon....Birth-Rebirth.

    Inspiration and new life are here! Rejoice, for spring is in the air and you're beginning again. This marker bodes well for any new project, endeavor, relationship, or idea to take shape and to be birthed into the world. It also reminds you that anything old or painful can be brought forth or transformed by a new and creative perspective.

    This marker reminds you that the process leading up to a birth can feel cumbersome, restrictive, painful, and never-ending, yet the final shift brings an extraordinary gift of new life, a new vision born out of surrender, and a total release. Know that you've come far and are at a place to celebrate your ideas and all things new.

    This card asks that you align yourself with the Mystery of Spirit - the true source of creative energy and power. None of us are inspired without the subtle and profound influence of the soul's longing and the urgings of the Divine.

    Remember the prayer, "Make me a channel for Divine creativity; use me as an instrument of a Higher Will," and watch a miracle unfold.

    Second, from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms...Sisters of the Seasons.

    Cycles of Growth, Natural Law, Divine Order.

    When the Sisters of the Seasons meet you on your path, they remind you that everything has a natural rhythm that obeys a higher law. Just as the seasons magically pass, be reminded that the nature of birth, growth, harvest, and decay cannot be altered. So if you keep on your path with determination and discernment, allowing for the natural course of events to unfold, success is assured.

    Divine appropriate timing is guiding your desires into perfect manifest form. This is a very good period to start new things, as you've moved out of winter into the beginning of spring. Continue with patience, and be aware of the rhythms of your opportunities. There will be periods when things slow down and begin anew, move into fruition, and then slow down again in a never-ending natural flow.

    Be mindful of which Sister greets you, for she points directly at the next. Every moment counts now.



  • Oops...sorry...forgot to resize the pics. Here they are...

  • Hi All, It appears that everything is much as usual with the daily challenges and a little respite connecting with friends. I love reading each of your responses to others in need and often the information is appropriate for my circumstance. I guess Spirit leads me to the information I need at the time I need it..

    Spring has truly arrived even in the north. The trees and flowers are blooming as is my red nose from the allergies. It was warm enough today to sit on the beach and watch the baby ducks scampering across the water

    I just wanted to say happy Easter to all of you who have helped me so much as well as thank you.

    Much love and light to all. ABP

  • I would just like to offer encouragement to all of you suffering with allergic reactions this season. I have spent half the year struggling for breath or extreme sneezing for as long as I can remember and I am now in my second spring of being 95% symptom free. I have also had my first year ever without some cold or flu like illness. I have achieved this through a mixture of dietary changes (for me most important) regular internal and external exercise and some acupuncture. These may or may not be the solutions for you, but there will be something that will free you to enjoy spring. It's just round the corner...

    Bob Flaws 'Curing Hayfever with Chinese Medicine' may point the way .... it may not. Either way, my very best wishes for your healing.

    Love Greenshoots

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