Love is beautiful and if it hurts will help you grow

  • Love's curse is a gift, a disguised blessing, it's the only way to teach and learn life's lessons

    Of how to give and how much you can take, and if your heart does break, how to grow from each mistake

  • NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COOL <> song comes to mind


  • Ain't that the truth! Oh and BTW I responded to some of your stuff about my gemini man. It helped I just gotta figure it out how to do all those things with out seeming to distant.

    I tell you what though, losing someone you a learn a lot from the people you lose in love.

    Very nicely written. 🙂

  • If Love hurts, then it's probably not Love. Usually Love hurts when it's not working out. So what's the opposite of Love--mistrust, jealousy, impatience, untruthfulness etc..

  • BETTER than that...... LOVE Hurts when it's crumbling down & falling apart~ & you Know you Still LOVE LOVE LOVE the other~ that is how Love is ~ it's hurt when you gave it your all ~~ & GOT ZIPPO in return~~~

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  • Unfortunalely dalia the only ones who can hurt us are the ones we trust enough to love. Love can hurt and heal. Have you ever loved someone who didn't hurt you? Have you loved someone whom you can honestly say you've never hurt? If so you've solved the mystery.

  • Its interesting as they also say that "no man is worth your tears, and the one that is, won't make you cry", and yet the person that has hurt me the most as been the person that I have loved the most.

  • If love hurts than it can be a one way street

    Love is giving someone the ability to crush you completely but trusting them not to.

    We have free will here on earth and it can be due to a bad decision or the fact that you are not ready for each other yet.

    Also before you were born, you chose a life path that would give you opportunities to learn certain things in your spiritual development. Ultimately if you go though something that does not kill you you come out stronger. If you can reconcile after being hurt in love sometimes the bond can be stronger also.

    All emotion when in love is deeper, highs are higher and lows can be lower

    PP x

  • Truth & Wisdom to your statement, Thank you !!!



  • OK what if some astrology says you should be with that sign and others say you should not........HELP!!!!!!!!! Cancer women and a Leo man .............anyone have any real ideas?

  • Hi SexyGem, I understand what your saying. And I think it's a good sentiment. Too many times so called Love can cause complete devastation and the only thing that is learned is to be wary of people. I saw this many times when I worked as an advocate at a shelter.

    I can't say that I have intentionally hurt anyone in a relationship. I have ended a few but it was for major reasons. I read articles on relationships. The stats are 50-50 for one lasting. The marriage relationship is in trouble now-adays. What I've learned is that commitment is on the downturn. If things are no longer fun, things can change. And if you have an affair, you are looking at the same stats.

    What can be beautiful is finding someone with the same values, ideas and beliefs and it's hard. I agree w/Pisces that the highs are high and the lows are low. Police consider domestic violence as one of the most potentially dangerous--lows are lows. This isn't a good lesson to learn.

    I have to turn to my faith when thinking about these things. God still wants us to be childlike in our faith. He wants us to have faith, hope and love.

  • True, true, true dalia. Faith , hope, and love. They don't cost a penny, but in the end if we don't have these , How happy can we be? What is it all for? I think that people should stop fearing the pain of love when it let's us know we are alive and feeling. There are dishonest people who will take advantage of a trusting heart (shame on them), but everyone and everytime someone is hurt is not neccesarilly a reflection of another's feelings or intention in and for the relationship.

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  • Dalia you seem to be so down on love! When it comes a-knocking, will you even answer the door? It is a risk, but it's worth taking. As for intentionally hurting people, I don't think most people hurt others on purpose, (i know I don't), but people who I have LOVED I've hurt one time or another in one way or another, sometimes we aren't even aware of the things we may say and do to sabotage our relationships, or hurt the one we promised we never would.

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