Need a reading, any insight helps

  • I want to know the compatibility between myself 10-14-1983 and an Aries man I know 4-13-1981. I find myself drawn to him, but I'm not sure why. Thank you.

  • Honesty and openness are likely to be prominent in this relationship but not necessarily closeness, since you two are often competitive and even combative. You are total opposites and, while this may initially attract, you both have very different ways of looking at the world. Any covert or illicit activity here will create problems, since you both like to be upfront about what you do. Concealment and the fear, guilt and shame that for you both accompany hiding anything, does not suit the relationship. Since you are both very sexual people, and quite openly so, physical enjoyment will figure prominently here. Yet it will take much time and hard work for a more committed relationship here to be successful.

    Both of you are dominant and need to occupy centre stage, but marriage between you can be quite successful if you can both learn to accept each other's differences and try to compromise. Although you Lag83 can't stand people to be emotionally dependent on you, you yourself may occasionally need a strong person to lean on, and this could well be the Aries man. The relationship may require some accommodation, however, in the area of children. Your friend loves children and family in general, and you do not especially. Perhaps the number of children could be limited or their care could be handled primarily by him, leaving you free to pursue your career.

  • Thank you TheCaptain. I don't know this man well enough yet to observe how different we are. I know the things we have in common, but so far they are just things such as hobbies. The other thing is, I don't know how he feels about children and family, but I absolutely adore children and come from a large family. I can't wait to have children and a family. I have been told that Aries and Libras are not compatible, but my best friend of 25 years is an Aries, as is my older brother and we get along great. I'm not necessarily looking for a romantic relationship with this man, I've just been curious about him. Thanks!

  • Hmm, I think you will find your fantasy of having kids very different to the reality. Your chart indicates you will always prefer career to staying at home with them.

  • Is he single or involved with someone?

  • Yes, I agree that I am more career oriented. I've never aspired to be a stay at home mom, but I still want to be an involved mom. Right now it's hard to say what my career will even be in the next few years because I'm looking for a change.

    The Aries is single.

  • I am feeling a deep dedication and attachment in him - it may be to his family.

  • Captain - I am even more confused about this Aries man now. Back in April he kissed me for the first time and of course wanted it to go further, but I said no. The next time we hung out the same thing happened, but then he got weird and pushed me away saying he was stressed and maybe it wasn't a good idea. Naturally I was confused and somewhat embarassed because he was the one making all the moves and then just stopped everything. I didn't see him for about a month after that day and I have been dating guys and then he came back out of the blue and said he wanted to hang out and spend time with me. He took me to dinner and walked me home and left. After that we have hung out again and this time he introduced me to his friends. Everytime we go out he always pays for everything, but he hasn't tried to kiss me again or anything so I don't know if he wants me as a friend or what? I just find it funny that he came back around after he saw me hanging out with other guys.

  • He wants a 'friends-with-benefits' arrangment that doesn't get too serious or committed. He finds you very attractive, but not as a permanent live-in partner.

  • I figured it could be something along those lines. A few months ago when I met him he made it clear how attracted he was to me and then he pulled back and I went about my business and then he came back again, but this time he treats me way better and does nice things for me, but doesn't try to put any moves on me so maybe he just wants a friendship with me. I like him as more than a friend though so maybe it's better if I just don't hang out with him period. I should probably mention that he is my neighbor too and that could make dating awkward 🙂

  • You're probably right.

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