Have you expierenced this or am I just crazy??

  • I have read by two different psychics that when someone is on your mind constantly or a lot it's because there is energy between you and that person. It's seems understandable and logical based on the energy we give off in this world but is it true?

    Of late I have felt like I'm crazy. I got out of a relationship almost a year ago and getting over that person wasn't easy at first. Today I don't have an emotional connection like I did (to him and our relationship) but I still think of him daily. Sometimes I feel like he's not letting me go either. Which in reality I've emotionally let him go but it seems he's imprinted in my head and won't leave no matter what I do.

    Years ago I dated a man who broke things off with me in a cruel way. Boy was I heart broken. The thing is I knew he cared about me. I knew he wanted to be with me and I also knew he was just confused. Friends and family said I was crazy but I just knew it to be true. Like now this guy was constantly on my mind. Day and night. Well about 3 months after we had last ended things I got a letter from him that confirmed everything I thought I knew to be correct. In fact he did love me and he was confused. He had told me he thought about me so much it freaked him out because he's never felt like that for a woman let alone thought about her that much. Well sadly I had moved on after he tried come back and told I couldn't go any further. He was mad and hurt. Which for awhile I could feel his cold wall towards me even when we stopped all contact.

    It never dawned on me that I was picking up his energy. I never thought that was even possible. Now that it's happening again (8 months in and I still think about him) I wonder if he hasn't let it go either. If you asked me to tell you what happened with him like I did my ex years ago I could say the same thing. I KNOW this and I KNOW that. If you asked me how I know I would say "I dont know how I just know that's why he did what he did. He was feeling this and that way".

    Am I crazy or has anyone else expierenced this? Can a psychic on here maybe explain if they find this to be true or not. I am not angry sad or bitter in my life right now or towards that relationship but he just won't stay out of my head. I finally gave up as to just let him stay in my head. Because I don't know what else to do. Other than I know he still thinks about me.

  • If a thought about someone recurs it could be a couple of different things...we could say it is an obsession if it interferes with the "norm" in your life...But if it is not something that interferes with the normal functioning of your life - if it is more like a "presence" that you are carrying with you- then it is energy that you are either mirroring off of each other or something that has not been resolved. Believe that this energy will get resolved over time and perhaps you can even meditate on it and ask the universe to resolve it and it will...

    I have been in that situation and it did get resolve although it took several years. In one case it didn't but we in a way are in the middle of the movie...we do not know how it could end. It is what we make of it too. And by the way this applies to many things, not just romantic situations.

  • There is nothing magical about this. There is no spiritual bond.

    Basically, you both had made plans to be together. You both dreamed of a fantastic life together. It didn't work out. So now you both are living lives that are not as pleasant and filling as they your you to THINK your life would have been had you stayed together.

    Basically what you two feel is regret and fear about what could have been. You think about each other a lot because you both don't like your lives now. Also maybe things were better when you two were together.

    It's tough to go from being in a relationship with someone you love and building a future together and experience the world together... to being single and alone or being in a relationship with someone who doesn't really do it for you. That's not some magic bond.

    That's just realizing the grass was greener than it is now. HOWEVER, it didn't work and you must work to find something better than that.

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