Have you expierenced this or am I crazy??

  • I had all my connection with the first sight. None of them is handsome but now I can tell what they have in common. its an energy of breeze and movement that draws me to them. the wrong guy I fell for the last time is very handy and artist like myself but I didn't know that at first. I even thought he was too ugly at the same time he got my attention. his skin looked wrinkled at first. then the dreams showed me a totally different feeling on him that left me in an awe. And lots of years passed and we made a platonic story with not a start. And I know something for sure that he thinks of me on daily bases, because he does thinks to show me this and I can't help it but do the same, but we can't do much more. I am waiting for the day to move away from here to feel my 'liberation' but until then I am living with it and trying my best to be happy with the rest. But Charmed One I am with you to keep on believing, except I don't have reasons, except a deep love I have for him which I believe he does too. I hate addiction and scares me to think is out there and believe more to connections. love to you all !!

  • Blumoon - your talk of addiction resonated with me. I had posted this before, this is the second thread on this - and my original thoughts are below. But I agree...if it's been YEARS and no action, it's something else. I had no closure as well - I hadn't seen my 10 year boyfriend for months and some girl calls me up and says she's his wife; he says she's a psycho b***....but marries her 6 months later - AND then she ends up having lived about a mile from where I live, which raised so many questions as to wth? where'd he find her, what was the timeline...etc. Also, right about then my boss and close friend tried to kill herself, and another friend I called in to help me with the busines I was suddenly boss over really betrayed me by spending the time at the place I found her to stay doing drugs and showing up at work looking so slovenly - so all of a sudden, my whole LIFE was changed. 10 year boyfriend gone, 17 year boss and job gone, close metaphysical friend stabbing me in the back.

    Sometimes now whole days will go by with no thought of the guy - and then sometimes, it'll be intense for say 3 weeks...and then lighten up.

    Nowadays I wonder if it was just the guy - as I still do feel he was my soulmate, even tho I live with someone else quite happily....or if it was all the trauma and distress at once - so that it's not so much like an addiction, but like ptsd or something? This is what I'd originally wrote - any insights will be appreciated....

    I have the same problem, I was with someone for 10 years whoselife circumstances had him making far different choices than I think he'd of made otherwise, but I don't know that for sure. I've lived with someone else for going on three years now and he STILL ebbs and flows. In times of high stress feelings I'll check his new wife's facebook page and it'll say something like Family emergency-party cancelled.

    However, what I found is that semi acknowledgement that I'm right doesn't give me any peace. It's annoying as heck, and I actually shut down my facebook page and put up psychic walls at night - a whole ritual thing - because honestly, I do NOT care how he feels unless he feels it badly enough to pick up a phone and tell me to my face what a bad choice he made. Otherwise, he can live with his choices.....

    So although I still "feel" the push, I ignore it - sometimes I'll literally say, you want to talk to me, you contact me. Goodbye. Like I'm hanging up the phone or something.

    Anyway, the one other thing I know about this is that if you think of them all the time, it's supposed to be like a "loop" they can tap into - they don't have to call you or contact you because they can just tap into that loop of your thinking and psychically feed off it. So I try to never make "tapes" in my mind he can tap into as well.

    Much harder than one would think, I'm still working on it. Just when I think I am finally free, I'll get pulled on hard - even after all this time.

    My guy was pretty much a pathological narccissist - which I think doubles all the above.

    So, no, absolutely you're not crazy, and if I didn't try and stop it, I'd be doing this all the time - even with people on forums - like I'm a compassion sponge or something - yeah, empath. Kind of ewwwww, but it is what it is and I know my gift is for healing so I try and let it be.

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