Have you expierenced this or am I crazy??

  • I have read by two different psychics that when someone is on your mind constantly or a lot it's because there is energy between you and that person. It's seems understandable and logical based on the energy we give off in this world but is it true?

    Of late I have felt like I'm crazy. I got out of a relationship almost a year ago and getting over that person wasn't easy at first. Today I don't have an emotional connection like I did (to him and our relationship) but I still think of him daily. Sometimes I feel like he's not letting me go either. Which in reality I've emotionally let him go but it seems he's imprinted in my head and won't leave no matter what I do.

    Years ago I dated a man who broke things off with me in a cruel way. Boy was I heart broken. The thing is I knew he cared about me. I knew he wanted to be with me and I also knew he was just confused. Friends and family said I was crazy but I just knew it to be true. Like now, this guy was constantly on my mind. Day and night. Well about 3 months after we had last ended things I got a letter from him that confirmed everything I thought I knew to be correct. In fact he did love me and he was confused. He had told me he thought about me so much it freaked him out because he's never felt like that for a woman let alone thought about her that much. Well sadly I had moved on after he tried to come back and told I couldn't go any further. He was mad and hurt. Which for awhile I could feel his cold wall towards me even when we stopped all contact.

    It never dawned on me that I was picking up his energy. I never thought that was even possible. Now that it's happening again (8 months in and I still think about him) I wonder if he hasn't let it go either. If you asked me to tell you what happened with him like I did my ex years ago I could say the same thing. I KNOW this and I KNOW that. If you asked me how I know I would say "I dont know how I just know that's why he did what he did. He was feeling this and that way".

    Am I crazy or has anyone else expierenced this? Can a psychic on here maybe explain if they find this to be true or not. I am not angry sad or bitter in my life right now or towards that relationship but he just won't stay out of my head. I finally gave up as to just let him stay in my head. Because I don't know what else to do. Other than I know he still thinks about me.

  • Yes it's true. Also, we may have a past relationship haunt us out of the blue if we are currently repeating it. It's a knowing under the radar. Say that we had a challanging relationship with someone and moved on---perhaps we resolved the lesson or maybe not -. Then years later we are at a party or at work and meet someone not knowing openly that that person is a lot like the past person---our higher self picks it up and it often comes out in dreams---the subconciouse telling us we are meeting up with that same issue. Trust your gut. If you feel that person is thinking deeply about you they probably are. You wouldn't be on this sight or listening to psychics if you didn't already have some faith in that. If you have something left to tell them you may visualize a chord from your heart to theirs--or even head to head---then say to them what you want to say. In your case if you truelly feel that this person wants to tell you something than before sleep visualize that chord connecting and tell him--you know he wants to speak to you and you hear him and it's ok--he can contact you. If connecting by chord is too close for your comfort you may as well send a message as a prayer to his guardian angel to whisper to him

    if that intimidates you then pray to your guardian Angel to speak to his Angel on your behalf. BLESSINGS!

  • this feels true to me too!

    The current unrequited romantic situation I am in, came to me in a sudden, least expected, and was introduced on daily bases through dream messages in some kind of ways I never experienced before, which opened me to the spiritual world I never believed before. Worth the suffering !

    I have also noticed that the dreams stop coming to me when I feel best to understanding the situation in the waking life, until I get confused again. And its then when dreams keep me on truck back again. its amazing this discovery I made through this. I guess it has to do with the process of procreating with the spirit. this situation I am in is the third time repeated in my life and I see why it is back again, I see all the reasons behind it, and interestingly enough I am reacting toward it totally in a different way from what I did in the past, so I hope this is the last one, cause its painful enough.

    I am still not out of it yet, and anxious about the procreation thing, but I feel aware, conscious and a little lucky too, because the guy is very good to my cause as different from others before. 🙂 even though its suffering enough as it is. We both have an incredible nonverbal communication and its difficult to even make my sister believe in my "stories" She thinks I am crazy. 🙂

    keep on believing for the best to happen!

  • This happens yes. Also i wont repeat what has been said other than, the you just know, you dont know how you know or why or wherefore you JUST KNOW: THAT has a deeper reason behind it, and to me it means dont you DARE give up. Fight for it. Trucker on as some may say.

    I was told too often to give on a a special person and i just knew he and i was meant to have something friendship relationship or something but not how why or what for, JUST KNEW. So i refused to give up on that person. The rewards has been small but SIGNIFICANT n HUGE. I dare say had i given up, i would NOT have received or gotten these signifcant huge rewards. Never never ever never. NEVER!

    So if you feel deep down to ya bonemarrow, ya dna dns ya whole set up that you n something or someone is meant toi happen, dont give up no matter what anyone else will say.

    I will also say this as a psychic, when we read we get a snippet of the whole, a moment in time, possible paths that changes all the time. it changes because people involved changes, circumstance changes, like tarot cards its a moment of insight and it ain´t written in stone but in fluently waters i´d dare say.

    Again, when you JUST KNOW stay with it, there is a higher deeper reason for it.


  • Actually yes.. It’s happened with 2 people, the first was just a friend I hadn’t spoken to in some time (no falling out or anything, not romantically involved he moved away and we both started families and just sort of lost contact) anyway, one day I randomly thought of him and was CERTAIN he was thinking of me. He called me that evening and told me for some reason I had really been on his mind lately.

    The second was an ex and I can’t confirm whether I’m right or not since I’m not going to call and find out, but I’ve had moments when I was 100% certain he was thinking of me. This same ex, when we were together I’d smile sometimes and would say to myself, I know you’re thinking of me I’m thinking of you to and more often than not he’d call at that moment or shortly after. This was the only relationship where this has happened and I never really understood why.

    It’s beyond simply having someone on your mind or reminiscing on the past, it’s a deep rooted certainty… its hard to explain really, but no I don’t think you’re crazy.

  • Thanks so much everyone for the reply. It's like a huge weight off my shoulders to know I'm not the only one who has had this before. I do still love him very dearly. But trying to fully move on from someone who won't leave your head makes you really wonder what's going on.

    Blmoon, I am going to try and take your advice. I'm not sure what my comfort level is but I am comfortable with my angel so I'm sure praying to his wont be an uneasy thing for me. Thanks for your input.

    Thanks everyone else for your stories! Truly appreciated. I'm not crazy LOL.

  • Undio 1- oh and that's crazy u bring up the dream thing because I was wondering why on and off I would dream about him. It seems to be every once in awhile now. So I ask myself what's going on that would make me dream of him in a situation like that. It's so nice to hear someone else wonders the same thing.

  • I have the same issue and I feel crazy too, it has been a year and 8 months sice we communicated, but I think of him everyday...in my actions and life I have let go, but he still haunts my thoughts and dreams.

  • There is another side to be considered. Addiction. Often the feelings are very feel good. Love even produces endorphins--a powerful chemical that just plain feels good--often it is our mind just trying to survive in an otherwise very rough time in life. The likelyhood that two people are both thinking intensly of each other EVERY day would bring a calll or letter or a meet up eventually. Only because connections are that powerfull. But if a person everyday still feels that other person inside them close as ever--everyday ---it is more likely an addiction. It happens more often then people realize! Every once in awhile is likely a true coincidence of mutual thought but an everyday deep inside presence of another is most likely an addiction. Of course the exception would be a forced distance --like war or prison but even then the object of our love is not thinking of us 24-7. Life just is not like that. I went through the love addiction thing in my thirties. So I'm not judging as it is more common than some know and actually a survival mechanism to use the power of love even when it's out of reach during a time of healing and turmoil in our lives--it gets us through. But at some point we have to learn to feel good off of the love of ourselves. To refill that empty place the lost love fills with a love that never leaves! Abandonment issues from childhood is often the wound behind this "love haunting from outside ourselves" Once in awhile is real---everyday for years is addiction. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon - I think in my case, I received no closure and he treated me cruelly..so it is like a sadness/shock...still. My husband had confronted him, so it was an abrupt departure. We reconnected for a short time thereafter - however it was never the same. Anyway, it could be addiction except for the fact that I do feel good on my own, most days.

    It feels like my soul is loyal and devoted while my head wants to just move on. But my heart is like a mule - wont budge. So, I do move on with other things, appreciate what I have...but I still think about him. Everyday - it does not bring any kind of endorphins though...

  • Sounds like regret? If it is be kind to yourself and let go as regret serves no purpose and keeps you in the past. I like the mule description! I get the impression that your thoughts of him are something else as if it is an addiction it fills you up inside with a warm love feeling. Unless you are a guilt or pain gatherer! In your case I think you are not clear yet as to the why and how of it all---why did it happen and you are right---it's still hanging becuse you crave to make sense of it. I think we can all relate to having at least one thing in our life that never made sense or something that left us without being HEARD---that's a hard letting go when someone leaves us in a state of feeling we were not heard or understood. Did you learn something positive from the relationship? Sometimes wisdome comes in painfull ways. If there was a positive---dwell on that. BLESSINGS!

  • I had that once- with an ex, who has now passed on, but never have with either one of my husbands, neither this one or my ex, I think although this is confusing you are very lucky to have this connection- without it I sometimes feel very alone even though I have hubby and family around me

  • What boggles me is some of you say give up, move on forget about it, seek someone else.- How can you say that when the one like me asks as not to go insane just know it deep down way into the very core that is us, that something anything will come of this if only we keep holding on hoping n having faith?

    I say this had i given up, moved on, seeked someone else, i´d nopt have had the miracle of getting him on the phone, talking to him , hearing his voice n by it feel know sense how much he cares still. that are mayb in ya small minds n books not huge but to me it was n it still very m uch so is. so please just bc you dont have the patiences hopes n faiths do NOT belittle ours or say give up. we r not u, n our issue situation is not urs nor alike or as. heck not even similar.

    to me n who are like me, do not give up, dont let any tom harry n castlemaine say so. hang in there. i for one will never give up. call me stupid, call me stubborn call me WHATEVER i DO NOT care. Ive heard it all b4 n worse. it aint my fault you aint got the faith stamina n hope to stick to such a sense feeling knowhow.

    n last dont blame us for your own quittances.

  • I thought I was only one feeling this way. In my case, we were just friends, but he is in my thoughts daily not intentionally but just always there seeing his face. I do wonder sometimes, if he feels my energy as before when he sent emails, I am thinking of him at the same time while he was writing the emails, it was not only one time, several times we were thinking at the same time. .

    Call it crazy, but I do feel his energy, maybe that is the reason why I cant forget him and move on with my own life. I never felt this with anyone. so....it is weird.


    you are safe in your own truth and it's not one size fits all. This thread is open to many personal expieriences. No one is saying you are not correct. In fact mostly the posts have validated that expierience and YOU did connect. Don't take it personal but understand there are different expieriences outside your own. Yes, relationships often connect from a distance--yes we often get when others are thinking about us yes yes yes. But as an intuitive yourself you know from advising others that on occassion you have seen when the outcome is not worth the energy. Most woman know and it moves like a train of faith. For others it is something else----be open to all possability. You DID connect--which is the point---if both parties ARE truelly in thought it is real and a meeting happens--it's the law of energy--someone on either side will make the call--send the note or just show up. But it's not about working hard--it just is real. Someone who feels another inside their being 24-7 for years and no connection is ever manifested they must consider it is something else. I get the feeling you are sensitive to this only because someone must of told you advice in the past you didn't like and you are feeling that all over again.. I really believe in divine intervention and it's just faith and letting go. Trust your gut but also be real with your head.

    OsterichGem---it is not weird--in your case the continuel presence is a message that has not been realized. THATS another possibility folks to connections---often it's from someone passed on who has something to tell you but you aren't getting it so they hang around OR as karma you did something very loving they took with them and after crossing they make it their gift in return to guard you and are whispering helpfull guidance. Also, many alive folks have planet connections that make them psychicly connected. I have many friends like that. Who know when somethings up or when one is thinking of them as they have what I call a line in the sky---moon connected. I feel that with you and this friend---if you had your charts done and compared I hink you would see that you have that special psychic line in the sky. It happens wether you want it or not and it is not just between lover s. OstrichGem--he is confused as well by this and can't figure it out either!

  • Thanx BlMoon

    well there is truth in all. All im saying is those that has that twoway connection n feel it deep down to not give up. i fear if i had given up, holy moly

    for the ones that dont have it n question did i ever have it, consider it n move on. plenty of fish out there, i too had to do that bc one of whom i had connection with didnt want to go that path again. we´re best mates now n its the best friendship ever,

    basically in short, if u have feel that connection dont let any tell you to give up. if you dont, give up move on n find something much better.

    i´d b able to see say more had i pictures of the ones involved as i do so much better with picture lol

    by the way how r u blmoon?

  • I'm doing. Being extra CREATIVE. Battling alergies like a lot of folks and riding the shift wave--lot of changes this year for most folks. First part of the year it was like dejavu

    walking through the past then it was like the universe gave everyone a hurry up shove to tie up loose ends and get er done! I'm sure you've felt the new fast pace---lots of energy out there and I'm trying to use it well. This a really great time for many who are ready---the world is shifting from less ego and more heart. A great time for those spiritualy minded. Like us! But on the downside people are having to keep up with this new energy out there and balance the body and emotions to stay strong and steady. This is the year of focus and PASSION! Lots of passion---and that spills over into all the arts so it will be a great time for creative folks--we will be seeing a harvest of music and art---from the soul---the past energy of corporate ego and greed producing the art choices is leaving us. AND how lucky you have felt a reconnect with your big spark---as passion is at its best right now. So ENJOY! Like the feast it is.BLESSINGS!

  • Oh yeah i have felt all that. It made me choose a diff way to tackle things. Im focussed on me n whats best for me. truth n consequences hahahahaahahahahaah

    i pray ill b hired soon by my deep connection. lord knows ive had his back several times this year alone. n still do.

    we´ll see what the 4 week aprenticeship will go. on 14th i start in fitness world where the truth n consequences if i dont will force me to foucs. i must keep the semi goals in mind. 1. to b free of pain, 2. free of painmeds, 3. free of other meds, 4. loss of pounds LOL

    I pray what ive see will come to pass. and by gaaawwdsss .................. its a VIEW! hahahahaah

    air n light

  • Oh Freedomofair,

    I am so glad that you posted this, for years, I have questioned myself if I was crazy or not! You have put this into words that I could never describe and get my point across.

    It seems like most of all my adult life, that I could sense when someone was thinking of me. I felt the sensation in the corner of my left nostral, But, as of last summer, I felt it in my right corner of my nostral, never had that happen before. Sometimes it would be just a small lingering sensation and other times it would get so intense that I just was wondering what in the world was going on! I just couldn't figure out who this person was because I haven't felt this on my right side before.

    Someone told me to look for clues, so I did, I have never had a relation with this person, only we worked together many years ago, but, I have always felt a connection to him. He lives close to me, and when I feel my nose tingle I know that he is near, and shortly after that, he will drive by.

    I wish I knew what message that he is trying to send me if any, or will anything ever become of this. Thanks again for posting this!

  • Well I knew where the guy I'm married to would come from- every time I passed the end of the road he lives in I was drawn to look- now we still live there- twenty four years later- in his mother's house....

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