Captain, or anyone that may have some time.

  • I really need a reading, some advice . A new perspective, a bit of knowledge of what is to come.

    I am currently in a very precarious situation.

    I feel that I've had to grow up a lot these past couple of months. I haven't posted here in awhile, and looking back at the situations I use to find so troubling, I just smile. I have found out a lot from my family's past that has opened my eyes. I am in a situation where my parents have foridden me to see my partner, and everything is in pieces. A lot has hit me in the past two months, and I feel shaken and confused.

    I am turning 16 in a week, and my boyfriend is 18. He wants to enlist in the Navy, as a corpsman. He is excited about it because he insists this will secure our future together. He constantly brings it up now, although he knows that the subject makes me sad, although I support him entirely.

    The situation at the moment makes it nearly impossible for me to see him. I have seen him twice in the past month. It is really hurting me, because as young as I am I know that I love him and that he loves me. This is an extremely hard situation, and now he says he'll be gone for the next 5 years with visits to our city every couple of months. But, when he's in town, I doubt my parents will let me see him. I only see him at social events that my parents regrettably allow me to go.

    I need some foresight, something. I feel hopeless, as much as I love him. And I do. Although, I definitely see how silly that sounds, because I'm very young.

    My birthday is April 3rd, 1996.

    His is October 9, 1993.

    Any words will help. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Note- The reason I added that I've learned a lot about my family's past in this post was because it's just another thing I've been mulling over in my head and stressing very much about.

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  • danielleissmiling

    You are an Aries and bless their hearts they just jump right into love with both feet , only to find that two years down the road they are head over heels in love again with someone else.

    That being said. I feel that you do have a feeling of love for this young man and that he does have feelings for you that will be tested on both parts once he enlist in the service.

    You will find with your time apart that your thoughts and heart will remain with him to an extent. He however will be very tested to stay faithful , as he will have opts to fullfill his cardnel needs. Not so much that love will have anything to do with it.

    If you both have not given your hearts away to others that come knocking on the door of love and romance, than you will be married in two to three years.

    At sixteen you have lived so little of life to foresee what it takes to make it finanically and to keep the embers of love burning in a relationship when children enter the picture. Give yourself and him some time to grow up some more before you fully committ to one another. Have fun and go places with friends and date others so that you fully know in your heart that Mr Oct is the one and only for you.


  • I simply can't thank you enough.

    I agree with you, in everything. I do jump head first with relationships, though I imagine up scenarios and to worry. But, with him, I gave every bit of my trust and completely dove into this relationship.

    He has said exactly the same things you have. He suggested a couple of months ago that we take the label off, continue communication and maybe see other people, but remain in touch so thy we grow and mature. However, the thought of me being with someone else made me sick, and with him being with another girl tortured me. Which isn't right, that would actually be the mature decision. He has said recently that he doesn't want to take away my high school years, he never wants me to feel trapped. And he expressed to me recently that his cardinal needs aren't met, but he's hanging in there.

    He has expressed the desire to be married, and hinted at it being when I was 18. He and his family told me I always have a place in their home, and he wants me to move in when I'm 18.

    Do you think we will be able to make it through these next two years? It's incredibly difficult, and I've only been restricted from seeing him the past two months. Can we make it two years, especially now that he plans to go to the Navy in the fall?

    Goodness, I'm attacking with questions. I apologize. You've already helped immensely, I just have so many questions and concerns.

  • Also, I feel that it's worth mentioning that we have been together 7-8 months now. Which isn't terrifically long, but worth mentioning nonetheless. 🙂

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