Please, Please can someone give me a reading?

  • i have recent developments in my r.ship. my boyfriend is living with me and my family. he got a job and wanted to use my car 4 work but i need it for work and school, cause bus is too far to school. he throwing a fit over it, saying how important his job is cause cause of his bills. my mom and i said i need it though. he has attitude now, now he saying he wants to break up with me, saying we arent compatible. but my sis says he said its cause he isnt allowed to do anything around here. I need to know how he really feels about me. why is he acting like this? my mom is hating him right now. whats going to happen next? will things work themselves out? whats going to happen in this household? he claims he has date sunday, is this true? now the other night when we were arguing i did make a couple low blows, and mentioned my ex and crticized my man as a boyfriend, which he admits mentioning my ex bothers him the most. this may have started this

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