Will my cancer man come back? Can he forgive and forget?

  • I would be greatly appreciative if those of you who are familiar with cancer break-ups could give me some advice.

    (I am a gemini girl he is a cancer man)

    My boyfriend of two and a half years broke up with me yesterday. We were both eachother's first girlfriend/boyfriend. He is a cancer therefore very sensitive but loyal. I am a gemini, so we have had some rocky roads recently. We talked everyday, were very loyal, and were almost like best friends. He used to love me more than anything and would always be so caring and communicative and always say we would never break up. Even (he is one year older) when he went to college the first year he had a few rough patches but he still loved me very much and always told me so. One year later, now that I have entered college, it's also been a bit difficult and the past few weeks have been rough. I believe I have been taking him for granted, and he told me he felt I was putting my friends above him and not treating him like a boyfriend. The past few days we even talked less over text and yesterday he called me and broke up with me saying we have grown apart and are too different. He wouldn't break up with me in person because he claimed it was too hard and he didn't want to "fool himself." But he has never broke up with me before and he sounded serious. Whether it was a good idea or not, I sent him a three page e-mail saying how sorry I was and how I didn't want to break up and how much I cared about him. (He used to always send e-mails after a fight). I texted him telling him to read it and he said he was in a business meeting and will read it later. Do you know if there is any chance he will come back, or if there is any way I can win him back/prove to him I can change and am sorry?

  • He was right - you are too different. You won't change and he won't change. I don't see this ever working out. You need someone more exciting and witty, not emotional.

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