Confused about this Scorpio Guy

  • I'm a 35 yr old Libra. He's a 40 yr old Scorpio. I've known him casually for about five yrs bc he has a business in my neighborhood. We would flirt and have casual talk. Finally this year, we've been chatting online. Few phone conversations. At first, we would chat everyday then once in awhile. I made it clear that I didn't mind if we were just friends with benefits..even just see each other once in awhile for a good time. We're both busy individuals. He told me I was stunning and that he liked me. He was looking forward to seeing how this would turn out. He is the example of the strong silent type. So I opened up, would send songs..shared info about my day etc. Even the bad days I would share with him. He was fine with it but he would never say too much. Recently it's been about two weeks I haven't had online contact with him. Ive sent him msgs everyday just assuming he's been busy with work etc. This is where I'm puzzled- during this time I would see him in person daily and he would make sure to hold a conversation. It went Against the rule that we had in being discreet due to nosy neighbors etc. but as soon as I would go home-online-no emails or Instant messages from him. I sent him one last msg last night expressing my confusion and offering him a way out if he didn't want to pursue us anymore. I haven't heard from him and don't know what to think or do at this point

  • Also let me state that we have NOT been intimate yet. He has been very slow. I wonder why. I can't read his mind And it frustrates me.

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  • OOO

  • Since I didn't receive the advice I asked for how do i delete this post????

  • Hi LadyM, Well, it looks like a couple of people responded with ads but I won't. I think that if you just wanted something casual he apparently is not interested. It seems to me that perhaps he would have been interested in something more serious in the beginning but that is not how you played your cards. If you wanted to truly get to know him, why did you come on so strong at first? I am sorry but it doesn't look too good. It is possible that if you completely disappeared for a while he could get curious, maybe? If you would like to remove your post you need to contact administration with an e-mail and they will be able to help you.

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