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  • Hi people, I'm new here and needing some help in a reading.

    THE STORY IS: they like each other, they live far from each other, they want to be together, but he's very confused, sometimes say he loves her, sometimes he says he don't know exactly how much he likes her.

    She wants a definition, but he says he's very confused and can't make any decision right now. He says he's "blocked", so he doesn't say to her about what's the real problem going on.

    He says that even he doesn't know.

    She wants to know what's going on, what's blocking him from make this relationship "oficial".

    The spread:

    His mental - Sun + Knight of Cups + 9 of Wands

    His sentimental - Justice + 8 of Wands

    His sexual - Hanged + Page of Swords + 6 of Cups

    Her mental - Death + 9 of Cups

    Her sentimental - Imperor + 8 of Cups

    Her sexual - Hierophant + Page of Cups

    The future for the relationship - Devil + King of Swords + 2 of Cups

    ps.: I thought very interesting the 9's on their mental and 8's on their sentimental, and Pages on sexual.

  • My interpretation: I was expecting a "moon" on his mental, it was very strange a Sun to a "confused" person. I think he knows he wants to be with her, it's clear to him, and that Knight follow his love. But at the same time that 9 of Wands it's like the "final battle", hard to continue, but he will. This occult problem between them is making he doesn't hear to his heart, but his head, being very rational about his feelings. But I couldn't understand if that 8 of Wands is this "rationality ending soon" or not.

    Looking to the big picture, I thought the problem is related with the sexual part. She told me they're perfect together, he says she's the best he's ever had, and she's crazy for him. So I really don't understand why we have a problem here.

    Maybe he doesn't trust her, thinking she'll cheat him, because that Page of Swords is always alert. He was cheated by his last ex-girlfriend, 3 years ago, so he thinks he can suffer again.

    But he cheated other 2 girlfriends, so maybe he doesn't trust himself, fearing repeat the same mistakes.

    I really couldn't understand this sexual part. What do you think? Any insight?

    Thanks people!


    I know some people dislike to read big texts like this, so this part is aditional for the people who want to know more about them and what's the possible closest meaning to those cards:

    ==Her mental - Death + 9 of Cups

    She's really in love, and hope they can be happy together, but she's very sad with this situation, and can leave it behind soon, even still having feelings for him.

    ==Her Sentimental - Emperor + 8 of Cups

    Here we can see the frustration of that Death above, and she's a very strong, controlled girl, who likes everything clear.

    We thought interesting an Emperor here, showing more about how she deals with feelings more than about exactly what she feels for him.

    ==Her sexual - Hierophant + Page of Cups

    Here again, it's more like how she deals with it than what it exactly is. We were expecting a Devil, so it was very strange a Hierophant. I interpret it as she seeing him as a guy who can be her only partner, because she feels totaly opened with him, she trust him, she thinks he can help her grow sexualy.

    With this interpretation, I thought we should follow the same path of "how he deals with it" on his cards.

    Despite, everyone see Justice as "no feelings", but everyone knows how much he really likes her, likes to be with her, so I think it's more like a "he has feelings for her, but doesn't listen to them to make his decisions."

    What do you think? Wrong or right?


  • I can't believe no one here knows how to read tarot cards. =/

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