Are we a bad match? Adult Sibling Issues

  • Hello, I am 33 and my older biological sister is 35 years old. My DOB is 11/07/1978 8:08am and her DOB is 12/20/1976 around 6am. I haven't considered checking in with astrological insights but maybe there's something there that can give me insights on tumultuous our relationship. To summarize it, it's volatile 65% of the time. When things are good it's grand and nobody makes me laugh more. When it's ugly it's ugly and hurtful. All I can say is that my relationship with her is unlike any others in my life. I have great long lasting relationships with friends and my partner. She tends to have constant conflict with those she claims are close to her. Anyway, I could go on for 2,000,000 pages but what I want to know is ... if there's any correlation between our birth dates that makes things so difficult for us two? It's really exhausting to deal with the mess that errupts between us and many times I've felt like withdrawing permanently which saddens me. Thanks in advance for your insights! sboo

  • Conflict can indeed be expected in this combination in the family. Both of you are prone to be dominant and both want to be right. You are unlikely to share power confortably, and neither is apt to give in to the other's wishes. This is a passionate intense combination but it's not without its compassion. You both prefer experiences that are mentally broadening or challenging (maybe that's why your exchanges are so fiery). A sense of freedom is important to both of you so it's best if you each have your own clear sphere of influence. Don't cross into each other's territory unless you want a real shoot-out. Respect each other's 'borders' and learn to negotiate to get what you want. You both value character and integrity and neither of you will usually stoop to using underhanded tactics to achieve your aims. Appreciate your similarities rather than your differences, accept that you don't necessarily need to see eye-to-eye or agree to get on, and make allowances for your different approaches. Limit any domineering tendencies. Accept that your sister is very material security and money-oriented and that you are not, as she must accept that you prefer peace to possessions. You must stop feeling like such a victim all the time or that you are missing out on attention.

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