Relationship reading for Arieslost

  • Hi Arieslost!

    Here is a reading on your relationship...

    You can see how the energies are working in the two of you in the photo. You are the figure in the left and he is on the right.


    Head - The Moon - Inner guidance. Your thinking is spending some effort pondering some guidance issues, you are really listening, focusing in, tuning in to hear what to do, how to act in a situation

    Heart - Nine of Swords - Integrated thoughts, your heart seems to be very intent on maintaining a very strong and decisive intellectual focus on something. You are established on this belief.

    Feet - Justice - a balancing act you are taking steps with. You could be reaching out to balance something with someone else, or a situation. This is the position of your life steps you are taking. So Justice energies are very strong for you right now as a path.

    Right Hand - Knight of Wands - this is the hand that is reaching out to connect with your guy with and it seems very focused on a self-identity issue. You are establishing your roles in this relationship. Could be discussion about behavior or expectations.

    Left Hand - Ace of Swords - this is passive energies that are receding, and this is a "new idea" or something you recently began thinking about in your life that was a "new thing", you must have already started it and now you are advanced to the Nine of Swords (heart)


    Head - Four of Swords - His thoughts are very much centered on taking some actions that he has been contemplating for a while. Could be in connection with you, some area of life he is ready to ACT upon, to express, say, convey to you

    Heart - Ten of Swords - Like you, he also has very determined energies in his heart, he is fixed in his thinking about something deep down, although in his case he is hesitating about this, he is unsure exactly how best to proceed. He wants to change something in his heart.

    Feet - Nine of Wands - "The Integrated self" - which shows me that he is very focused on his identity right now and is taking steps to manifest his personality or mode of life on the outside. He could be doing things, expressing his life roles in very obvious ways important to him. Maybe his clothes, or buying something that manifests his identity. Maybe he just got a tattoo ... 🙂

    Right Hand - King Wands - this is the hand that is reaching out to connect with you. This is releasing energies of his identity. So whatever he is doing with his feet he is wanting to show off to you, express it in some action with you. "Hey Arieslost... look at this new tattoo I just got!"

    Left Hand - Two of Swords - receding energies, whatever it was that you started with the Ace, he said yes to.

    Now, the relationship!

    All we now have to do is lay his figure on top of yours and see how the energies combine or cancel out and we come up with what is going on with the two of you (as one expression, which is what a relationship is supposed to be about ! Two into one!

    Head - Your Moon and His Four of Swords combine to create a Queen of swords plus one cup. So there is a strong intellectual maturity operating in the HEAD. Like, the relationship is very determined intellectually to be powerful and in control of the thoughts. There is one cup though which is introducing emotional energies here that is challenging that control. So your communication patterns may seem stuck at times, and there is some emotion in your words and thoughts about each other. ALSO these combination of elements = THE CHARIOT in a slightly different configuration (the Chariot has the 4 wands in each corner) which tells me RAPID CHANGE is coming, it will being in the HEAD and then work its way to the heart of the relationship.

    Heart - Nothing - everything cancels out. (Your 9 swords plus his 10 swords). SO there is a void in the heart of the relationship. For some reason you are not being intimate enough or touching one another enough, you need to work on this area by being closer and affectionate more, doing things together and holding each other a lot, and spend a lot more time in bed together.

    Feet - Your Justice plus his 9 wands = four of wands (in each corner) - So the actions of the relationship are very focused on manifesting a new identity. In the relationship you are seeking to express the two of you in some new way, there could be a lot of talk about doing something new together, maybe take a trip somewhere new, start a shared adventure of some sort, start a business together, build something together. The relationship wants to go down the road of EXPRESSING the two of you in some new way. The two of You should go to one of those old west photo places where they dress you both up as cowboys or whatever and take a photo, you two would love that!

    Right Hand - Your Knight of Wands plus his King Wands combine to form a 7 Wands. In your reaching out to each other there is a need to experiment with the relationship identity. Combining this with the need to be closer (heart), you could be taking step to experiment with how you connect and touch physically. Could be you are trying some new ways to touch and this could be in the bedroom, something new there needs to develop.

    Left Hand - Your Ace Swords plus his 2 of Swords = a 3 of Swords. This is a receding energy in the relationship, and the three of swords is planning a lifestyle or shared something. You two must have been relating to each other recently about doing something new and planning that out. Maybe it was a trip you wanted to take, go to a museum together, cook together, it was something you were discussing doing together and that was either abandoned or you just got finished with it. If you gave up on it, you should try and bring it back as 3 swords is very powerful planning energy and would be good for the two of you.

    Some other interesting notes:

    There are NO Pentacles with either of you! This is amazing actually that not one Pent turned up. This tells me there is something absent physically. There is no material/home/security energies with either of you, so this represents a great opportunity to focus on the pentacle world of physical things. This could be reinforcing also that void in the heart that needs to be worked on and the PHYSICAL aspect between the two of you REALLY needs to be developed. Touching, holding each other, kissing, buying things together, doing things together, this is extremely important that you get that going to restore balance.

    Also, there is only 1 cup and that is in the head! That needs to move down to the heart. And they need to reproduce, you need more cups - He has none! Yipes!

    Everything is wands and swords between you two, which means self identity and role issues, along with a lot of intellectual/philosophy thinking and communicating energies (a lot of talk and no physical). So we really need to to diminish all of these wands and swords with more CUPS and PENTACLES = More physical expressions of love and tenderness! I would grab the two of you and throw you both in the bedroom and lock the door and throw away the key. That is what you two need. 🙂

    You can see in my sketch below how the energies are working in the relationship. That Chariot energy in the Head is a warning for your to be prepared for something about to change and quick!

    Bottom line: LETS GET PHYSICAL and get ready for some RAPID CHANGES IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP!!!

    Love, astra

  • Oops my sketch was too large, here it is again...

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