• I am a scorpio woman who has over the last 30 has come in contact with Virgos. All of my supervisors have been Virgos, my ex-husband, three lovers, lots of best friends and some ex-friends. I have mostly been in a helpful position to all of these people but i am trying to understand the karma that might have been created and what I am supposed to be learning from these relationships. Any ideas?

  • There is not necessarily karma involved here (though you may have met many of these people in past lives) but because you seem to be attracting so many Virgoans, perhaps you are being asked to take note of their good qualities and see if any of their bad qualities are reflected in your own personality and may need some amendment. Typical Virgoan traits can include -

    Positive: Modesty, meticulousness, reliability, practicality, diligence, intelligence, and analytical ability.

    Negative: Fussiness, anxiety, being overcritical, harshness, perfectionism, and being overly cautious or conservative.

  • I agree with the Capt on looking at Virgonian traits and relating them to parts of your own personality. I would also look at your natal 6th house chart as this is ruled by Virgo/Mercury and service/devotion to others, then locate where Mercury falls in your chart. You can look up say, ruler of the 6th ( Mercury) in the 1st house. This will give more insight into your natural inclinations. From here, if there is a soul learning involved, or karmic teachings, And, if this is a pattern you choose to break on some level, you may be able to deduce it. There's more to it but that can be a jump off point for you. You could also try a free Vedic chart. Look for one on the web. Blessings, Laie

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  • Svpomemt, Please ignore my last post. I was rushing out the door. I feel your question is not as simple as it was written. It has been nagging me and I may be able to help. What is it you really want to know and change? Laie

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