Miss Captain, if you have time?

  • I got a vibe reading from you:

    LeoLover, it's good to be optimistic but I feel you are being rather too over-confident, naive, or unrealistic in a particular situation. There is more work to be done than you realize and, if you don't do it soon, things may deteriorate to the point of no return

    You later said you felt it was in regards to my relationship.

    Can you please help me? what is it that I'm not realizing? I just think that life shouldn't be this hard as my partner makes it seem. I feel like I am a dead weight to him, and he feels like a constant depression for me. Should I just leave him? Would we each be happier if we could just let each other go? I'm tired of questioning myself, and believing in all his negativity. Is this where I am being unrealistic of myself? I'm so worn out.

  • You need to sit down and ask your partner these questions. he work you need to do is to confront him and sort things out - whether you can bear to stay together (if you do, you must decide what needs to change so that you can stay together) or if you must part. I feel like you both had unrealistic expectations of this relationship and now you have to work with the reality of the situation, not run from it.

  • Thanks a ton!!

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