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  • One question though that has been heavily on my mind. Im meeting up with two of my bosses tommorow evening being that I was taken off the schedule and were devising a plan to enhance my performance.

    Now before I go into detail-Ive been highly stressed and pressured from this job and dont feel great about it anymore, I see no room for growth and feel stagnant when I was jovial and upbeat. I can hide a great deal of my issues from my bosses but I feel they as well as my co-workers are disorganized and judgemental. Ive find a few mistakes here and there but nothing major and I feel that its time for me to quit after this meeting (but I wont tell them til next week

    what do my bosses think of me and how can I enhance this meeting and try to make the best of it?

    My bosses are Stephanie (Taurus-my favorite-blunt and personable), Joe (Taurus-dont trust him to well), Christina (Gemini-cold but secretly nice and loving) and Nick (Capricorn-overbearing and authoritive-he's the young and new manager)

    What are their feelings toward me and how can I show them I am valuable?

  • Hi Asia118X,

    Well, first off, let me say that you are valuable no matter what these people think. If you were to place yourself in their shoes you may recongnize the rediculous way society plays games in the work environment with power structures. If you want to know how they feel about you, then try visualizing each person one at a time and have a conversation with them. Find out info by asking them questions, then write the answers down, only what the visions tell you, not what you want to hear. You are then going to be more prepared for the meeting. If you are planning on quiting anyway, then why worry? Honestly, now a days people are so rude and controllng in the work environment its like being in a court room, where the players that kiss you know what get the fish. Really, be true to yourself and the universe will lead you to a place where you are appreciated and fit in. Wish you all the best.

  • You may recognize the rediculous way society plays games in the work environment with power structures or struggles. I am referring to the so called bosses. I do not have a lot of respect for so called bosses that are not aware of the stress that the employees are taking on within the work place as a result of mismanagement. The real issue may be that the bosses are not capeable, or are not doing their jobs and lean on employees rather than owning up to their lazy long lunch hours. Too negative, well, it is all too commen for this kind of thing to happen, and people allow this to continue, so as a result many workers get away with all kinds of things as long as they play the game of kiss you know what, the others who actually work like yourself feel vulnerable and defenseless. I only want to share some sound advice, because when the chips are down you may look back on this and find strength. You sound courteous and kind, I wish the best for you, and know you will find it, or it will come to you.

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