Taurus needs help deciphering reading!

  • Hello! I need help deciphering a curent reading that has left me stumped! I've been seeing a virgo man and things have recently taken a turn for the worse. He suddenly doesn't have time to see me and I feel he has been avoiding me. Also, i've been friends with an Aries man for a while now and we recently started hanging out again.

    I did a 5 card spread and asked the tarot for general advice and guidance about how to proceed with Vrigo man and what will become of us.

    Position #1 being influences leading up to the present situation was strength reversed.

    #2 Current was 7 of swords

    #3 hidden influences Knight of wands

    #4 advice 7 of cups reversed

    #5 final outcome was 9 of swords reversed.

    Can anyone give me their understanding of this?? I'm not sure what I should do!! Help!!!

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