Scorpio woman wants to know if Cancer man will come back

  • I started seeing a Cancer man about two months ago. Being distrustful from past relationships, I thought at first he was only after sex. We held off for a month before we became intimate. He and I discussed that we were not seeing other people and neither one of us gets involved in "casual sex" relationships.

    I was hesitant to get involved because this Cancer man is still going through a nasty divorce (they've been separated for four years), lost his job the month before we met, and ended a year long relationship just a couple months before we met. I never got the whole story on why his relationship ended, but according to him, issues from his divorce were the main reason.

    About three weeks ago, he ended up getting arrested because his "ex" wife and him got into an altercation and she called the police. He has told me that she calls the police on him frequently and they have been fighting bitterly this whole four years even though she is the one that cheated and wanted the marriage to end. When I asked about why the divorce is taking so long, he said she won't agree to anything and refuses to finalize it.

    Since the arrest, he has been a little more distant and seems very stressed out. We had an issue one night a few weeks ago, where he freaked out on me and left. I sent him an email the next morning expressing that I couldn't let him walk out of my life without telling him how I feel about him etc etc. He responded positively and we reconciled the next day.

    Our spending time together consists of him coming to my house and spending two to three nights a week with me in a row. We then go for four or five days without seeing each other but text and talk on the phone in between. Usually only a day or so goes by with no contact.

    Cancer man is also involved in an online group that has outings once or twice a week which he has invited me to but I usually can't make it due to work or my own social life.

    Soooo, the last time we spent a few days at my house basically doing nothing, I started to feel a bit resentful that he puts so much effort into these online meetup groups and doesn't really try to take me out to do fun things. My fears of being used for a casual sex buddy emerged and then he didn't call me for four days. We texted twice during the four days, but by the fourth day I was angry and upset so I called him. The first phone conversation I managed to keep my cool and explain to him why I was upset and that it just doesn't seem like he really cares about me or wants me to be a part of his life. (I still have not been to his house which is an hour away) He was understanding and empathetic but had to get off the phone and said he would call later. Well several hours went by and I started to get angry all over again because I knew he had plans that evening and by the time he did call, I picked a fight with him.

    He responded with "I just can't give you what you need" and that he thought we should not see each other anymore to which I responded with "I don't want to not see you anymore". He said we would talk about it later and ended the phone conversation.

    I know he is having difficulty finding another job and his personal life is a mess. I do not have any of the problems that he has as my life is really quite good. I haven't heard from him at all for four days now and my heart is aching.

    My question is did I scare him away for good with my neediness? Was I just being used for sex or his rebound? Will he ever call me to talk about it?

    I know he ended it after I continued to argue with him and he didn't want to argue with me. He tried being nice at the beginning of the conversation but I wouldn't let it go. I'm hoping him ending it was said in anger and he didn't mean it. I wonder if he misses me as much as I miss him.

    Please some advice on what to do. My friends tell me to run away because he has too many issues and I can do better. I can't help that I feel like we had such a great connection and so many similar outlooks on life in general.

    His birthday 07/04/1970

    My birthday 11/17/1979

  • Correction his birthday is 07/03/1970

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