Blmoon: Will you able to explain this? If you have a moment.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I met this guy, he was older than me (I was born in 12/2/1980 and he is 6/10/1966). The very first time I saw him, I felt the connection with him and couldnt get him out of my head. I felt like I've known him for a very long time. For a very short period of time, although our consequences are not agreeing at all, we became good friends, lifting each other spirit. I feel connected with him in some ways that whenever I think of him, I realized the timing on his emails, that we are both thinking each other. We did not become romantically involved, all our emails and communication are plainly platonic. I planned to be his lifetime friend although he moved back home, but I realized that he is suddenly disconnecting, so I decided to say Goodbye to the friendship. I am very busy at work, but I couldnt explain why there were times that he will be in my thoughts,and I having chestpains. I have no bad memories nor I am not mad him, but for some reason I feel some unexplainable energy coming from him. He is in the US and I am currently overseas. I am not sure if I am inlove with him as I never think of him romantically, but I really do care for him as a person.

    Could it be possible that he is thinking of me too? My tarot keep saying I need to let go of something I really like, but the thing is, what is the thing I need to let go? How do I let go of something I never had? I want to have a peace of mind, not to remember him but I can't stop thinking about him, even I am very busy at work. Am I going crazy?

    I never felt connected like this with anyone, can you please do a reading for me, when you get the chance? My birthdate is 12/02/1980 and he is 6/10/1966

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