Need help with a reading on relationship please

  • HI, im new here and was wondering if anyone could help me with a reading. I would really appreciate it. Im a scorpio who is dating a cancer, i would really love to have an idea if it will last. we have good days and bad days (early i know 🙂 ). Sometimes im just not sure about him, i would love for it to work as he is a really nice guy. Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much. I love this site, everyone (that ive read so far) seems to be so pleasant and nice. Im happy i came across this site.

  • Can you give the exact birthdates of you and the Cancerian?

  • Im 10-28-77 and he is 07-09-67, thank you so much for responding.

  • There is something about this relationship that is likely to be highly secretive - it can be virtually subterranean in its refusal to allow its goings-on to see the light of day. Love triangles are the classic scenario here. Maybe a common friend moves to being the lover of one of you while remaining a friend or rival to the other. In this case, the relationship will centre around the member of the triangle who is involved in two intimate relationships, often both sexual ones, at the same time. To carry through your covert plans without mishap, you and your partner must be dedicated, consistent, and adept at deception. How unfortunate for any third party who may be kept in the dark! Yet the thrill of an illicit or forbidden action is just too great to resist here. But hurting someone else is not usually part of the intention - in fact, it is often either you or your partner who suffers most in the end. Your partner may have an obsession about being considered sex*y and lovable to the point where he can forget to have relationships based on loyalty, not passion. You yourself may become obsessed with running the whole show to the point that it impedes your enjoyment of personal relationships. Think a bit more about what you are doing as you may be playing with fire.

    The two of you can have a happy marriage, but must beware of spending too much time alone together. Also complete trust may be hard to come by if there has been an illicit affair involved prior to the marriage. Sharing friendships that do not carry the temptation or peril of ever new love triangles, but function simply and purely as friendships, will add stability. Both of you tend to make good parents who can provide your children with a good mix of nurture and inspiration, but you must take care that the child is not permitted to play one parent off against the other.

  • Thank you so much i will be on the lookout.

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