For Blmoon, Daoilite, The Captain, and Luv2laf--a reading please if you can.

  • Currently in a relationship conflict:

    Me: 09/03/1977

    Him: 09/11/1980

    There is another person that has come between us: Her: 05/11/1976

    Any insight or guidance on what to do or where we may be going would be helpful.

  • This relationship between you and your partner is likely to be private, somewhat isolated, and quite idiosyncratic. Sparks seldom fly in your love affair but you do both have an understanding of each other, being the same sign - so what you lose in excitement, you gain in stability. Since an important element here will be the realm of feelings, an area where you both traditionally have problems, your matchup may be highly beneficial to you both in allowing you to express yourselves more fully. At the same time however, your difficulties with all that is not definite or concrete may produce a kind of struggle. As individuals, you will often feel uncomfortable with your combination's interest in spiritualism, religion or the arts etc - in things that are amorphous or hard to pin down, or with each other's feelings. Another tension here may stem from the conflict between your partner's efforts to make you toe the line and keep your word, and your tendency to bring out his procrastinating side, as in encouraging him to kick back a bit more. The winner of this particular battle will vary from situation to situation, but in general it is your more easy-going influence that proves the stronger. In marriage, it will fall to your partner to bring the more isolating and fantasy-prone qualities of the relationship into line - by insisting on more social and commercial involvement with the world, he can guarantee the relationship at least a modicum of healthy interaction with other people. Marriage will require great patience on both sides but it can work out if you both keep your sense of humour and allow yourselves and each other greater self-expression.

    The relationship between your partner and this other woman can be extremely manipulative and persuasive on both sides. Extremely subtle emotional blackmail, bribery, or disguised threats may be different ways this pair interacts to get what they want. Most people may not even be aware of what is going on in this relationship, mistaking a dynamic process of give-and-take for harmony or agreement. The pair is able to influence and convince others of the health, honesty, and good feeling of their relationship, even if that is not the truth of it. Yet they are curiously honest with each other. Their focus and goal is completely different however - your partner has an insatiable need to receive love while the woman's need is simply for money and material security.

  • Thank you so much for the insight. That is exactly how the situation is for all involved. If you had the time I would ask for a reading on me and him as a possible reconciliation in the future as the other woman is currenly weaving her web, so to speak.

  • I don't have a precise date for you, but I feel it won't be all that long before this woman reveals her materialistic side to your partner, and her true nature - the moods, the bossiness, the impossible ego - rears its ugly head. She can be quite the diva when she doesn't get her way and wants to control the world around her. The only person who can handle her is someone who is as tough as nails as she is - and that isn't your partner. She plays the sweet little girl to entice your partner who prefers gentle feminine women, but she can be as rough as a sailor when she gets mad. Once he sees that the love he thought she was offering him is actually a love of his money and possessions, the rose-coloured glasses may fall right off his eyes. And his nit-picking and fussiness can try her patience and make her angry. So I don't see it as a match made in heaven by any means.

    But unfortunately all this doesn't mean he will return to you when he finishes with this other woman. Once he has had a taste for other lovers, I feel he may continue being footloose and fancy-free. Despite his big need to receive love, he has trouble giving himself emotionally to anyone. In the end, work may be his only mistress.

  • Thank you much...this is what my instincts about this other woman have been all along. I do feel in my heart and with my gut that he will be back for me, but I feel that it will be farther down the line in our lives. Are you able to give me a reading on what may be coming my way in terms of my life? I feel at this time like I am lost as we have and continue to be drawn to one another. I feel his pain, I have visions in my dreams and awake at times about our future together, but not now, not for a few years. But I do not have anything that fills in the space in the meantime and would greatly appreciate any insight you may be able to offer. Thank you so much for everything so far.

  • I feel your ex may be the type of person that can only appreciate something once he has lost it. I feel there will be other relationships for you, but that you will reunite with this man somewhere down the track. But it may not be for a romantic relationship, maybe just for friendship. So don't hold yourself down with thoughts of him coming back into your life. If you are open to other relationships, partners will be drawn to you, ones who will be more loyal, reliable, and trustworthy than this man.

  • Thank you. I have also a question of what direction my life is taking in terms of my career path? Is there anything with significance that stands out? I also do believe you are correct in the idea that he does not know what he has until he loses it as this is his pattern. I do feel that he will be back, but you may be right the friendship may be what it is for. We have always been told by other people in the psychic and spiritual world that we are connected at the soul and that our energy no matter what will continue to cycle us back to each other due to karmactic reasons. I don't know if you could get a read on that or not. I also am curious about suggestions to not being bogged down with these thoughts will allow me to have new there any insight you can give me regarding a possible path that I should take to help in that? Thank you again sooo much for your has really been eye opening for me.

  • Yes I do get the feeling of 'unfinished business' between you and your ex that goes back into past lifetimes. It feels like he has a long history of avoidance with you, but then there are times when he is irresistibly drawn back to you. I feel you have had various relationships in other lifetimes - as siblings, parent-child, even enemies and rivals. It may take a long time for you two to resolve your issues and your ex seems more intent on running away than staying to work things out at present.

    What is your current career path? Is it what you have always wanted to do?

    To put negative or distracting thoughts about your ex behind you, you simply need to refocus your mind on something else - yourself, your career, your friends and family, your hobbies and interests, another romantic partner or whatever. We fall for someone by thinking about them all the time so the reverse - not thinking about them - works to help us move on. Also knowing that you will meet again one day (though probably not in a romantic sense) should reassure you that the connection will always be there even if you are not together. There is more than just one romantic soulmate for each of us in a lifetime so never fear that you will be on your own for long. Open yourself to new love.

  • My current career path is of a logsitcs assistant at a trucking company. I also have a degree in business management and am a hair stylist as well. None of these are fulfilling to me. Any insight here would be great. Also is there any insight you could give me regarding my son: 04/21/03? I have had many struggles with him and my ex-husband: 07/15/79. Any insight into my relationship with him would be appreciated as well. Thank you so much!

  • Your career path: according to your profile, you would make a fantastic counsellor, diplomat or peacemaker, since you have the gift of seeing clearly and successfully communicating the concerns of people in a way that prompts mutual understanding and fair, harmonious compromises amongst all parties. You also excel in fields involving beauty and art, and you would make a great entertainer or public speaker, when your goal is to uplift, energize, and bring confidence to your audience. Any profession where you could offer a supportive or justice-seeking role to others is perfect for you. Inside you is a wealth of (often hidden) intuitive spiritual wisdom waiting to be used if you would only trust it. You have an ability to bring fresh insights, perspectives, and information into the world, and you can understand anything and teach it. Many fields,such as acting, teaching, bodywork, writing, psychotherapy, or business, to name but a few, can utilize your charisma, high standards, and expressive energy. Choosing any profession that places the good of the group ahead of your own interests will pay big rewards for you. You are highly moral and naturally ethical, so this should be easy for you to do. It will also help you better your social skills which can sometimes be a little lacking. but you mustn't be afraid to step up to the podium and be heard, even by the more extroverted and emotional people you find it difficult to relate to or share with. You are blessed with great conviction when it comes to doing the right thing so going out on a limb in the interest of a cause or the larger social good (without being distracted or taken in by appearances, of course) is your strong suit.

    You and your son: your son will benefit from a low-key attitude at home. Both you and he appreciate a relaxed atmosphere when you walk in the door after a hard day in the world. Being able to leave outer day-to-day stresses behind can literally be a lifesaver for both of you. However you are both strong-minded, powerful individuals (your son is a particularly feisty fighter) so conflict is unavoidable. The two of you can often find each other irritating and stressful, and may rarely be able to agree without friction surfacing. You will both have to work hard on making your relationship less judgmental and condemnatory if the family is to have any peace. Power struggles can arise between you but, if boundaries and tasks are well-defined, effective work for the good of the family group is possible. Your son needs to learn to curb his rebellious impulses and steady his passionate energies, channeling his agile, restless mind into absorbing activities and challenging projects rather than lashing out at you or others due to boredom or frustration. He has this notion that whatever he has, it will never be enough, and he will grapple with problems of excess throughout his life. Try to find a balance between tranquillity and excitement, and keep negative tendencies and comments under control. Give each other the peace you both require at home to ease family frictions. Make sure the high standards you expect of your son (and everyone else) are not too rigid or impossible to meet. Once your son learns to deal with his passionate nature, his versatility, energy, and inspiration will manifest into some tangible accomplishments and successes along his lifepath.

    You and your ex: this works better as a friendship than as a romantic relationship. You are both very different people with an entirely different approach to life - you Selma are more pragmatic and private, while your partner is more emotional and probing. The two of you should be quite comfortable with each other however because the relationship carries with it an unusual level of understanding. You can be surprisingly willing to open up here to your mysterious-seeming partner, more than elsewhere, as he can charm and flatter you with his easy manner and his obvious interest, even if he comes on a little forcefully. But the real question is whether the acceptance here is wholehearted or only conditional. You Selma are confident in your ability to reject intrusions at any point and you are a highly private person who is by no means crying out to be understood - you often want no more than to be left alone and may open up more to special friends than to your lovers. Your relationship with your partner can be intense but not particularly sharing or revealing, which can frustrate him enormously. Your refusal to be analysed and his desire for more emotional honesty and empathy from you can lead to much conflict. Your partner is good at taking charge domestically but you may feel your space is being invaded by his ideas about how things should be done. Both of you are quite capable of living alone. You both have to be prepared to compromise and give a little. The key to a successful relationship is to be truly accepting of each other as you both are, rather than hoping or trying for a change in each other's nature that will suit better.

  • PS It's interesting that you have gone from your ex who was totally different to you to your current lover who is very much like you.

  • I have found that to be interesting as well. My current lover (whom is seeking out this other woman and I have told him to go for now) says that he wonders if that is why we can't make it work. I often wonder that as well, however we have matched enormously on compatability tests and have this draw and connection to one another...he feels when I am hurting and I him as well even if apart for long periods of time. He and I have talked not long ago about how we both can't stop the dreams that connect us and the thoughts about each other that just don't go away. Yet he has this urge to just double check with this other woman...I have not been able to understand. My ex-husband and I have never had the connection or draw to one another as this other fact I have and my current lover have both admitted to never having a connection or draw to another as we do...sexually, emotionally, intellectually, etc...and it is still just as strong today as it has since the day we met...again no understanding here about the need to check this other female almost feels like she has been a competitor in a past life with me for his affections? I'm not sure...any insight would be interesting on this...

    Thank you soo much for the insight on my son as I believe you hit it on the nose there...we have much friction between the two of us all the time and it does get difficult and I do wonder if it will ever be better...Thank you again...

  • There is always a safe feeling and security in being with someone who is like you but your ex is feeling the draw of someone totally unlike him, an adventure for him. He does still feel that pull to be 'safe' and comfortable with you, but is so attracted by that excitement and passion the other woman gives him.

  • So...I have started to live life again, meeting new people, etc...wondering if you had time to do a reading on what is happening in terms of my relationship life now? Also if my ex-lover is still with the relationship with the other woman and if he is happy? I do not feel he is happy, but I am biased as well...Thank you soo much for you time and help in this.

  • The only time we can ever be happy is in the present moment. If you spend your life looking backwards or forwards, you cheat yourself of the opportunities for happiness that are right in front of you. Until you stop looking back to the past or forwards to the future, you miss the relationship opportunities in the present. Stop thinking of your ex and you will make room for another partner to enter your life.

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