Please help, am baffled!

  • Hi All

    I hope somebody in here can help. I am new to this and have done a reading but am finding it difficult to put it into context. I am crazy about this guy and have hooked up with him a few times. He has a girlfriend and I honestly dont know what to think. He knows how I feel about him but I dont know how he feels about me. He sayes he still would like to see me but he is not an easy person to read. I know it is not a great situation to be in and its not a situation I have ever found myself in before but I like him a lot. I also spend a lot of time alone at home as all of my friends are in serious relationships. Here are a list of the cards that came up in my reading and their position... any insight would be so greatly appreciated

    1 6 of Swords (reversed)

    2 Crossed by Justice

    3 Strength (reversed)

    4 5 of Swords (reversed)

    5 9 of Swords (reversed)

    6 Page of Pentacles (reversed)

    7 The Hierophant

    8 3 of Swords (reversed)

    9 5 of wands (reversed)

    10 The world (reversed)

    Thank u so much in advance

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  • Thank you so much for helping me to understand my reading. It is as bad as I feared. I will try to follow your advice. I know it is for the best. I want things to change and I do not want to be doing something wrong to anybody, it is not in my nature at all.

    I will visit your blog also. Thank you again for your help.

  • Hi Isabellax-

    There was nothing in your reading indicating you are a bad person- no worries here !

    you are just confused- and lonely that is all!

    I hope you liked my blog.

    Bye now

  • I know nothing about Tarot, but I know my heart. Even if I was head over heals for someone, I would not be with him if he had at the time we met or for even a moment after we met, another partner in his life. My ex cheated on me for 10 years, and I would not want to be the "other woman" or the victim of that. If he can't be loyal to her, he won't be loyal to you. I may be his Ms. Right and we may be destined for each other, but not while someone else is around or there is a recent breakup (rebounds are horrible and short lived). Use your own best skills to make yourself happy and the right person will enter your life without that sort of baggage. If you have a specific faith, let your deity lead the way. From the deepest part of my faith, May G-d bless you, keep you happy and safe, and give you strength. Remember, you are not alone.

  • What alot of people do when they hear that someone is knowingly dating someone who is dating someone eles is judge, I don't, I've been on every end of any relationship situation and know that it comes down to not being able to help how you feel about a person. A man or woman is not off limits until they are married. If no one has even puposed marrige they are just dating to see where their feelings will lead them. The person who owes respect and loyalty to a commited relationship is the one who is in it, (in my oppinion) most people's relationships overlap in one way or another.

    Having said that, this reading has a lot of swords, which means a lot of conflict, and the long term results will turn your world upside down,and not in a good way. RUN, RUN, RUN!!!! Not because he has a girlfriend, but because he is no good for you. He is going to break your heart even more then he already has if you decide to pursue this relationship. You've been warned.

  • I agree with sexygem. No one can tell what is going on in any relationship behind closed doors. Even marriages. People can outgrow each other, not through choice, and find they don't know the person they married, or fall out of love because the person has changed. I personally met my husband over 20 years ago, but for the last ten years I felt like wallpaper in our household. I was there as a mother, a housekeeper and a wife in name only. I met someone five years ago who made me feel alive, paid me attention, and who cares for me and loves me. You can't always help who you fall in love with. I wasn't looking for anyone, but they found me. Does a piece of paper mean I am not entitled to a life? Certainly it would have been so much simpler/easier for everyone had I been single, but I wasn't. Just because a person leaves a marriage once, it doesn't guarantee they will do it again. They might meet someone so right for them that they would never contemplate leaving them.It is so easy to generalise and to judge. Every situation has to be considered on its own merits. Good Luck Isabellax. Follow your instincts. They are usually

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