A Chat With God

  • a message from God channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark

    Some of you think I cannot speak through a vessel. That I am too powerful to be felt, to be heard. Yet here I present myself to you. I am the one you call God, Creator. I have come to this one to speak to you of the importance of joining together – with me. For I am in you, just as you are a part of me. We are joined by a Light force within your heart centre. There is no separation between you and I. My love, my patience has always been with you, sharing your experiences of life. Your joys and also your sadness.

    Through time you have been taught that I am in another place, far away from you. As you traveled through the darker passages of your past, you would not allow me near you. During the darker times you were experiencing you developed a protective coat which you wrapped your self in. You felt a great need for some form of protection. I was still a part of you – in your inner heart. I experienced with you, it is true. But my love and peace, my essence could not reach you because you were far away from me in your essence. It is what you chose. Yet know I was with you even then. The idea of me being in Heaven has grown into a deep belief for many. This is not so, for I say to you again, you are in me, and I am in you. You are part of me.

    There are many emissaries of Light that have come to Earth to plant the seed of change. They are now embedded in your history books, and the Bible – though the words and events have been altered many times. Today I bring to your memory one. The one called Jesus. As he entered your realm, others of knowledge knew of his mission, his service to all. He was born humbly for a reason. To show all that everyone has a part of me in them. To show that you do not need to be grand, to be rich in possessions. These things only serve as adjustments to your growth. The life of Jesus was closely guided, as is all souls of great service. His purpose was to open closed minds to a new way of understanding, of compassion, of living. A way of peace, love and Light, which is part of me. It is my essence. This is why, whenever you are still, when ever you draw on the Light, my essence fills you with inner stillness and great peace. Jesus taught my ways.

    This time is on the Earth once more. A time of opening to a new way forward.

    My Light is everywhere. My essence is everywhere. All around each of you. I am in you. I am not outside of you. Nor somewhere above you. I am part of you. There is no separation. This is my message.

    Speak to me often. Speak to Jesus, Buddha, or any of the emissaries of Light often. This time on Earth they walk among you in spirit. They speak to many of you. You can feel their presence. So rise. As you near the end of your year, rise. Rise to your true essence – my essence. In peace, in love, in togetherness and unity as One.

    This is my message to you.


  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite colour and fragrance


    loving silver wings

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