Virgo men's insight to the terms "I Miss you"

  • My Virgo and I are very close, we have been for a year. We have gone through a lot together, he's supported me through hosptializations, losing jobs, family drama, advice about my kids, uplifting conversations and empowering each other. He's my angel, and he knows it, but my Virgo can be kinda moody and when he goes through difficulties he tends to back off from me until he gets a handle on things, sometimes I get a little insecure and take it personally. I have had the opportunity to move to another state and try and get a better foundation for myself and my kids (single mother), and I have decided to go, and he is supporting me on that as well, but is sad of course, to the point where we didn't talk for almost a month. He called earlier in the week and told me for the first time in a year, that he missed me and he wanted to see me. I wanted to too, since I do everything in a ritualistic sense, I want to end things positively no matter what and say a decent goodbye... anyway, so my question after this novel of an explination is :

    Virgo guys: I know that friend is a term used to "love someone from a distance".

    When you finally tell your "friend" that you miss her, and want to see them, and you'll always be there for them that's gotta be a big deal since it seems like ya'll a a shy bunch!

    Any perceptions are welcome! ( girls can answer too btw) lol

  • Hi there shrouded heart!

    I am not a virgo, but I am married to one and I have to say that if your virgo friend says he misses you, that is a big step! I noticed that virgo men are very intellectual and they hide the emotional part.. Takes them a while to feel the emotional part that they try to hide so much!

  • I was with him the other night and in my mind I asked him if he loved me nad out loud he replied: "Of course I love you". It sent chills throughout my being!

    I gave him my soul ring, he loves it and I believe he keeps it close. He told me while looking into my eyes that he missed me, held my hand. Kissed me in public which I believe, is not a Virgo trait! So I thought that once they verbalist their feelings and show you at the same time, they must be true!

  • Yes, being a Virgo some don't show affection in public, but it depends on his moon sign and ascendent also. Or his home life may have been affectionate. My Virgo has a cancer moon sign and he is affectionate in a appropiate way of course! That is a virgo, has to be perfect timing!

    Sounds like you have his heart!

  • Hi, I think he does have sincere feelings for you. So how are ya'll going to handle the long distance relationship. I'm a believer that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I hope you all can work things out together.

  • Just wanted to say that I hope things work out for you and your kids. I think your smart for putting your family first and if this guy is decent, he will know that. The ability to end a relationship on good terms is a gift and I'm sure that the Holy Spirit inspired you on that. We are all inter-dependent on one another. To shut someone completely off, to be hateful etc. is usually caused from pride, vanity, greed etc. I'm not talking about situations that are abusive. You have been honest with him. If everyone treated each other with this kind of respect, it would be great.

  • He has supported me in my decision 100% because it's good for the kids, and for me and he knows that. He is focused on getting a great job that makes better money so that he can come out to where I live now and still see me. I think the absence does make people apperciate each other and he's always supported everything I do, unless it's not smart. He and I have had some ups and downs before, but we seem to be able to get past all of them. I think if there's a will there's a way and if he's the one for me (which I believe he is) then it will be. He's a good man! But, I want to support my own children and continue my education since I want to be able to care for my family, and help add to his finances in order to help him. If he is willing to help me raise 3 little kids, and strive to get a great job that pays well, keep his 401K up and all that stuff. He's a great provider, I can already tell. And when we're together we never disagree, we support each other. Thanks for all your encouragement!

  • Oh and might I add that he and I did spend time together before I moved and he was more affectionate with me than he's ever been. Holding my hand at the store, kissing me on the check at the register. Holding me, smelling my hair.... he amazes me. I have him my soul friend ring and he keeps it on my side of the bed... he sees it first thing when he wakes up and the last thing when he lays down! He's a sweetie!

    Oh and.... in my mind I asked him "do you love me" and he replied OUT LOUD: "of course I love you". I had chills all over, because I didn't ask him that out loud! WOW

  • I definitely thinnk his feelings are true. I'm a virgo, and when i start verbalizing my feelings...i've been feeling them intensely for what seems as a long time. It probably is the same for him.

  • I found out he's a cancer moon, which explains his romantic personality, dancing with me, playing Anita Baker songs to/for me, lol our charts are compatable too

  • im a sag/Virgo/Gemini and i havent seen this girl for more than a month now and it was very hard for me to tell her that i missed her and wanted to see her again, but im dealing with a very sensitive, shy Libra that does share her feelings back with me, even though i know that she feels the same way, and ive been very frustrated with her lately cause of it, were just "friends" but ive tried to talk to other girls but all i do is compare them to her, and its not even close, i dunno what to do now lol

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