Will we speak again?

  • Hello and thanks in advance,

    My name is Leah 2/9/94 and I was dating a guy named Alfred 4/24/84 for a few months. I broke up with him about 2 weeks ago. I have started to miss him and I would like to try to fix this but the communication between us been almost non existent since we've split. Will he reach out to me or try to fix things with me? Or is there anyway for me to fix it? He was pretty upset that I broke up with him and returned any items/ gifts back to him. Thanks sooo much in advance.

  • Leah,

    I noticed that you haven't received a reply. You don't go into detail about why you broke up with him. I wish someone had given me this advice in the past. Do you miss him because you now see that he was a good person who treated you well? Do you just feel lonely and want someone to fill the void? It is okay to reach out to him for the right reasons but don't restart a bad relationship.


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