Captain is it to late to start a friendship?

  • Hey Captain,

    I haven't been on for awhile so it's nice to be back here. You, along with all of the other psychics, never fail to make me feel welcome. 🙂

    Do you remember a young man by the name of Andrew, (dob September 12th 1991)? I was very interested in him and still am?

    You gave us a wonderful compatibility reading a long time ago and then when I was asking about someone else you said something like, "You should start with a friendship, which is what you should have done had you wanted to start a relationship with Andrew."

    I didn't know that until then....... I'm wondering if it is too late? I haven't been bombarding him with messages or following him or anything. I think he knows I like him but I haven't been forward or giggly or anything... I've been keeping my distance.

    I'm wondering if you sense how he feels about me (maybe his feelings have changed since the last time we spoke) and if you now if it's too late to pursue a platonic friendship with him?

    I say platonic because even though I DO like him like that, I feel like if we become good friends and he likes me, that will be encouragement enough for him to take the next step if he so wishes. I feel like I don't need to be any more than platonic friends with him if all he needs to ask me out is some encouragement, some more confidence, and some more knowledge about me (i.e. getting to know me).

  • Be honest with yourself. It's not really friendship you want from Andrew so there can be no chance of one on your part while you are still infatuated with him. You just want to get closer to him under the guise of something platonic so as not to frighten him off. You real hope is for him to fall madly in love with you. It won't work because he won't believe you just want to be friends (and you don't).

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