Virgo Man Drama

  • Ok, I joined this site , hopefully to get some insight and opinions about my situation with a Virgo Man. This one has been honest with me from the start. We were seeing each other once a week but it was only physical. There is AMAZING chemistry between us and we both admitted to it. However neither of us wanted anything exclusive so we were also seeing other people. After about a month and a half of the same routine ( trust me not complaining at this routine ), my Virgo Man told me he likes me and would like to take me out to dinner. I'm a Virgo Woman and it's hard for me to trust easy so naturally this alarmed me and I just smiled and said ok. He automatically picked up on that and didn't go into it anymore. So then for the next few weeks, we just kept seeing each other ( this included a concert, or casual lunch but it was mainly sex.

    Until after 4 months Iater I began to feel attached to him. The conversations are easy flowing, he's my kind of guy ( likes to cuddle after sex, doesnt show too much emotion isntt dramatic, isn't too clingy ect ) and I said to him that I'm starting to like him. That's when he said that one thing I'll never forget in my life: I don't want a girlfriend at the moment. ( Something to do with his ex who asked him to marry her after 4 years of being together or she'd walk away...and he let her walk away but seems to me that hurt him. He just said it was a waste of 4 years. So it's her fault I don't want a girlfriend, you can blame her.

    At this stage I showed my pride and just made jokes about the fact that I told him, but it hurt me inside like hell. I didnt push on the topic at all and just went to the casual fun conversations we had.

    The problem is that he acts like my boyfriend, he treats me like his girfriend. Asking me out to dinners, cinema way more than once a week. Anytime I mention another guy or kiss another guy or even text another guy he refuses to talk to me for hours until I woo him by passionate kissing and ALOT of sorrys. I said to him once after some guy kissed me on a night out, ''but you don't care!'' and his reply was cold ''obviously I do!''

    So I stopped seeing other people, stopped talking about other guys and truly started showing my virgo man that I care about him. Because I'm a virgo woman I have difficulty with communicating my emotions too so this is why I like being around my virgo man. It's because we show each other we care without getting too mushy or dramatic. The conversations are logical and straightforward when talking about emotions. The problem is I like to know where I'm standing and this Virgo man behaviour has been goin on for 3 months since I stopped seeing other people.

    I'm confused at his behaviour. He said he cares about me and doesnt want to loose me but doesnt want a girfriend. Will his opinion change? What do I gotta do in the meantime?

    What gets me also, is the fact that he sacrificed lots for me. I told him honestly that he doesn't text me enough or spend enought time with me ( it took a lot of courage, I was afraid that this behaviour will push him away, but I had to tell him the truth ) and since then he changed tactics soo much. He works so much but find way more time for me now. How is it that my kind of pushy but logical and honest opinions and talks with him didn't make him leave me?

    Confused...... any opinions?

  • DJette,

    By not seing other men you are acting exactly as the Virgo wants you to act, and are making your position weak. What he wants is to have a cake and eat it too, in other words to have his freedom and enjoy one sided exclusivity from you. This is a typical male Virgo behaviour. For more examples you can check the long list of testemonies on the thread "The heart of a Virgo man". If you are not careful, you might end up being the one wasting 4 years (or more) of your life on going round and round with the man who is not able to commit to just one woman.

  • Well Djett, I find myself in your exact same situation, only my communication with him started as a relationship of some sort and courting and being exclusive from the beginning. He is a Virgo also and a week ago he said he was falling for me, today he is like "I do not know if i am ready for a relationship". VS, I did too reassured him I am not seeing anyone else, because he said that about himself first. So, now after reading both your posts I am pondering if I should just leave...I know he will not change and you are right VS, this is a self serving argument...I wish I could have him interested in me like he was a few weeks ago...

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