When Will I Have Sex Again

  • I havent had sex in over a year now... I know I am not easy and I wont any old body inside me. So I was wondering who tht special guy will be... do I know him already and if not how long from now will I meet this person tht I will join with intimately .... Lol, weird question I know but Im being serious ♥ Anything will help ... thank you.

    Oh Im going on a trip to Florida in July ... will I have sex there at all lol??? Im not a hornball either and Im not going to give in to lust

  • S.E.X

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  • I haven't met anyone for a long time. would like to change that. What's the best way to meet and start a relationship now?

  • Good evening! Today it's very easy to find a life partner I'm really confused that you don't want to use some dating sites where you can meet some partner on teen hookup site that can I help you moreover I think that you should overcome yourself and try to get acquainted with girls in real life..

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