Intuition, maybe?

  • I feel that something big is happening. I know big happens everyday but I mean event-related. I woke up this morning and felt that I would need to prepare myself emotionally for something soon. Does anybody else feel this way? I don't think I'm crazy (says the crazy person) I'd just like to know that this could be a collective type of intuition, maybe...



  • Hi Angela

    I've had this feeling too, its like a feeling that things are changing and shifting and your sort of anticipating the outcome. I think in a way we all have times like these when we are going through personal change but maybe not everyone senses it in the same way.


  • Rosey

    That does make sense... The past couple months have opened doors for me, personally, that were hidden before. It was just so strong... Like it was a feeling of an event that would affect a collective rather than just me personally.

    Thank you


  • I to feel like we are on the edge of something. maybe because we had 4 planets in alinement

    this past week also the moon seemed to be brighter

  • Yes, that is pretty major! Unfortunately I haven't noticed the moon in my city this week... Lots of overcast evenings here that "block" a clear night sky. There have been solar flares as well, I believe!

    It tagged me with a sort of slight anxiety... like right now is a calm before some storm.

  • An a Earth Quake Yesterday, the Solstice, New Moon and lots of stuff happening the next few months. 🙂

  • it is kinda of scary and exciting at the same time. You can actually feel the change in the air

    I also noticed that people in general are on edge!!!

  • Yeah that same day I posted was the earthquake in Mexico, how interesting... And then inconvenient for the people who were in it's wake.

    I've also noticed that, Shadowmist... I feel excited for the change. I'm trying to disconnect from this embedded anger I've found in how I'm thinking about/reacting to institutions with power that seem to want more and more control... It's been tough. Hahaha like I'm this rebel without a cause lol.

    Just "Let It Be" like those terrific Beatles suggested 😛

  • ah yes a rebel with out a cause I feel like that too. I just want to slap some of these people in office like the NY school board that wants to ban words like Halloween, divorce, dinosaurs because it traumatizes the children how in the heck does it do that? It is just another way for them to try and brainwash the children those people in NY need to revolt & marchj on the school board

    Then you have the aethiests sueing PA because PA made 2012 the year of the Bible how is that infringing on your rights if you dont beleive then why does it upset you so much. I feel pity for them because they dont beleive in hope

  • I highly doubt those words traumatize anybody... That's ridiculous, actually!

    When people get together like that and have a sort of hatred for these groups, [I've found] it's usually a grudge. What's the point of telling them they're "wrong"? Denying that life is bigger than 3D seeds a type of unhappiness like a child inside that wants to run free, but is bound by this gate of the mind. It might be slow to grow but it's there... But I understand the fact that religion (and possibly dogma) can only be "enforced" by ones self, otherwise it can be oppressive.

    I just get nervous about the control govt & big corporations have..... At this moment, I'm very content, but I fear for humanity's future, you know? Our freedom as people is being limited many many things we have so little influence over. BUT we'll always pull through. And it is what it is and we'll all be alright - regardless of circumstances.

  • I have found that people fear what they do not understand so they try to make people conform to their ideas whether its thru passing a law or intimidation it really irks me.

  • Yes! I understand that completely... non-reaction is the key, though! Haha stress makes us old 😛

    The more open you are to different ways of life and different types of minds, the happier and more exciting life is, anyway....

  • Have a great weekend!

  • I definitely did 🙂 Hope your Easter weekend was lovely, too!

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